Freefall Into Reading Lark - Giveaway!

Reading Lark is so excited about officially launching the blog. To thank all of our followers and supporters we are giving away our first book. We are so pleased to be able to give away a signed copy of Freefall by Mindi Scott. To make this contest even more exciting, Mindi agreed to help us out by creating our giveaway question. A little birdie told me she may also stop by to answer it at some point. :)

Check out our review of Freefall!

This contest is only open to those living in the U.S. or Canada.

This contest is closed. The winner will be announced shortly!
Thank you for entering.


  1. CONGRATS Reading Lark on your official opening!! WHOOO HOOOOOO *throws confetti & blows party horns* So happy for you both!

    Thanks for the great give away and thanks for the fun question (those of you who know me will understand why my nickname is Brooke when you read my answer)!

    Take care & thank you again!!

  2. Thanks Min! (And I love your Brook-ish ways! *muah*)

  3. Congrats on your official opening.

  4. Awesome contest! I've been wanting to read Freefall for awhile now. ^_^

  5. @BLH - Thank you! We were waiting until we had all the graphics done and the Freefall contest was open for things to be official. :)

    @Orchid - So glad you are excited about the contest. It is a great book so even if you don't win our signed copy I highly recommend it.

  6. Hiiiii!

    I actually did get to choose my name once. It was for an Interpersonal Communications class in college. I went by Cailet--which I got from a Melanie Rawn novel--in that class for the quarter. In the end, I decided that I didn't like being called "Cailet;" people didn't pronounce it the way I wanted them to and I wasn't keen on correcting them every time. :-)

  7. Hi Mindi! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hmm...I wonder if I pronounced Cailet correctly. I read it as ballet but with a c instead of the b.

    I got to choose my own name for French class in high school one year. But the name I wanted (Gabrielle) was already taken, and the name Nichole was sort of pushed on me. :(

    I always thought I hated my name growing up. I hated having to spell and pronounce it for everyone. Now, I love and appreciate my different name.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Mindi! :)

    I had to pick my own name in German class and I went with Franziska. I have no idea why - I just liked the Z, I guess.

    Other than that I am pretty happy being Andrea. I was named after a book character my mom liked which really seems to fit since I love to read.

    However, if I was forced to choose something I think that I would choose Teagan. I'm not sure why I just like the name.

  9. Awesome giveaway Tev! and other Reading Lark peoples :) Love this blog

  10. @SupaGurlbooks - Glad to hear it! :)

  11. Congrats on the new blog guys! Things look really great. :)


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