Teaser Tuesday: The Infinite Moment of Us & The Lost Prince

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Charlie joined his classmates, but as he walked across the makeshift stage, he didn't think about the end of high school, or graduating, or diplomas, genuine or fake. His thoughts were occupied by the one real thing he knew: Wren.

~ The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle, Kindle Location 651 (ARC)

I kissed her, stopping any more arguments. She made a tiny noise of surprise before she relaxed into me with a sigh. Her arms laced around my neck; mine slid into her hair and down to the small of her back, holding us together. No more illusions, no more hiding from myself. I needed this girl; I needed her laughter and fearlessness, the way she kept pushing me, refusing to be intimidated. I'd kept people at arm's length for so long, scared of what the fey would do to them if I got close, but I couldn't do that anymore. Not to her.

~ The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa, pg. 271-272


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    1. Me too, Fredamans! Even more the second time around!! SOOO good!!

  2. Loving the cover and teaser from the first book. May have to check this one out! My teaser is here: http://randomamb.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/teaser-tuesday-z-a-novel-of-zelda-fitzgerald/

  3. I really liked The Lost Prince! I have loved all of Julie Kagawa's books so far!

    1. I'm so glad that Julie has a lot of fans! I ADORE her books...they are among my favourites!


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