Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Aerenden - The Child Returns

Seventeen-year-old Meaghan has no idea her perfect life has been a lie — until she witnesses her parents’ brutal murders at the hands of red-eyed creatures.

After nearly sharing their fate, she escapes with her best friend, Nick, who tells her the creatures are called Mardróch. They come from another world, and so does she. Now that the Mardróch have found her, she must return to her homeland of Ærenden or face death.

Left with little choice, she follows Nick into a strange world both similar to Earth and drastically different. Vines have the ability to attack. Monkeys freeze their victims with a glare. Men create bombs from thin air. Even Meaghan’s newly discovered empath power turns into a danger she cannot control.

But control becomes the least of her worries once the Mardróch begin targeting her. When Nick confesses he knows the reason they want her, she learns the truth behind the kingdom's fifteen-year civil war — a long-buried secret that could cost Meaghan her life.

We have ONE eBook edition of Aerenden: The Child Returns up for grabs. The giveaway is open internationally. In order to win you must:

* Be 13+ years old
* Fill out the Rafflecopter below

The giveaway runs from October 8-15. The winners will be contacted via email on October 16. 


  1. I love the story plot of Meaghan and her parents escaping to Earth for some unknown reasons. There is a mystery involved as of why did they came to Earth and why is Meaghan's parents killed, and what so special about Meaghan that these creatures are hunting her. Yep, I'm one of these people who love the intrigue.

  2. This does sound very interesting & I look forward to knowing more about the Mardróch.


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