Teaser Tuesday: Leaving Amarillo, Kissing in America, Dime & Falling Kingdoms

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The section of the audience that my eyes can reach is cast in a neon blue glow with hues of red streaking on the periphery. The colors are as vibrant as I feel and would be distracting if I weren't playing, but I am focused. I am one with my instrument and its rich sound is so much a part of me it's as if it's coming from inside my soul instead of from the fiddle on my shoulder.

~ Leaving Amarillo (Neon Dreams #1) by Casey Quinn, pg. 1

"Right now there are women everywhere, around the world, staring at their phones, waiting and waiting. You can become one of them, wasting your time, or you can be too busy achieving world peace and solving the universe's problems to even notice whether a guy has called you back. You decide."
 It had sounded like an easy choice at the time.

~ Kissing in America by Margo Rabb, Kindle Location 2935 

There are four females living in a stable in Newark, New Jersey. They have a Daddy and a clean place to sleep and food and clothes. You could say they are being taken care of real nice. Sex would pause here. Or. You could say the secrets they are keeping are like a poison eating their souls from the inside out. I will tell you about it.

Dime by E.R. Frank, Kindle Location 193-195

The king would kill him if he failed. And if something happened to Cleo...he'd want to die. The thought of her bright eyes extinguished, her light-hearted laugh silenced...he broke into a cold sweat and had to lean his forehead against the marble wall of the hallway. 
I'm falling in love with her. 
The realization hit him like a sword plunged through his chest.

~ Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes, pg. 186


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