Teaser Tuesday: Exposure, Crash, Mila 2.0, & Every Never After

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"First, to answer some of your ongoing questions, the answers are, no: I've never seen Santa Claus. Yes: I have eaten reindeer meat, but it wasn't Rudolph. No: I would not strip for a Klondike Bar. And yes," she finally added, in a more stoic tone. "My boyfriend did kill someone ... in a manner of speaking."

~ Exposure (Twisted Lit #2) by Kim Askew and Amy Helmes, Kindle Location 57 (ARC)

I think about how weird it is that loving someone just makes everything hurt so much more. But I guess it's that pain that means you're alive, and love and pain are so... so twisty. I wonder if love would feel as good if there wasn't any pain. I don't think it could. So I guess that's what makes life worth living.

~ Crash by Lisa McMann, pg. 116

The ride home was as silent as the ride out had been. The entire way, Hunter cradled my hand and watched me with hard-to-read eyes. Eyes that were probably trying to hide his stark terror over finding out I was some kind of freak of nature, a horror that echoed my own.

~ Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza, pg. 78 (ARC)

"...Say something. Please be okay! Allie..."
So close. She'd been so close to going home. This bitter taste of that nearness made her throat ache and she felt a single tear slide out from under her closed eyelid.
"Oh, thank god..." she heard Marcus sigh in relief, "You're alive."
"What makes you think that?" she murmured through the pain.
"Corpses don't cry."

~ Every Never After by Lesley Livingston, pg. 184 (ARC)


  1. LOVE that first teaser... I was laughing away till the last line. Stopped me dead. In a good way though.
    That teaser for Crash rings pretty true to my ears.
    Mila 2.0 sounds intriguing as heck!
    True teaser for the last one too... dead don't cry.

  2. I find Every never after interesting, haven't read it though.

    Here's my TT

    1. It's a fun and adventurous read! My review for it will be coming up shortly...stay tuned!

  3. These are some great teasers. I'll have to add a few to my wish list. The first one was especially funny.

    My teaser:

  4. Wow awesome teasers!
    Here's mine http://thereadingbeauty.wordpress.com

  5. All the teasers are AMAZING! Loved it!


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