Author Interview & Giveaway: Kellie Bellamy Tayer

We are excited to welcome author, Kellie Bellamy Tayer, to the nest today. Be sure to check out the giveaway details at the end of this post.

Andrea @ Reading Lark: Why did you choose to write YA? 

Kellie: Like many writers I was inspired by Twilight. There was something about the love triangle/romance of Bella, Jacob and Edward that resonated with me. I love the idea that a girl can love two boys, both of whom are good sweet and kind and with whom she would be happy no matter who she chooses. I also love the whole experience of first love--when you're a teenager and you fall in love for the first time, it really is the most intense of all loves. It's the also the purest of all loves because there's nothing to compare it to--all other loves one has in his/her life will always be compared to that first love. There's just something special about the first time you fall, no matter how it ends (and maybe it won't end!). 

Andrea @ Reading Lark: Can you describe your novel in five words? 

Kellie: Romantic, suspenseful, bittersweet, gorgeous guys! 

Andrea @ Reading Lark: What was the last book you read? 

Kellie: The Vincent Brothers, Extended and Uncut Version, by Abbi Glines 

Andrea @ Reading Lark: Where did the idea for this novel come from? 

Kellie: The character of Miguel (the gypsy) just suddenly appeared in my head and began talking to me (in Portuguese, which I don't speak so I couldn't understand him). He was joined by Andrew (who is British) and they began to argue but I couldn't figure out what they were arguing about. Then a beautiful girl named Laura came into my head and I figured they were fighing over her. I came to realized quite quickly that they were arguing about much more than a girl though. With all those voices in my head, I needed an outlet for them so I sat down at my computer and began to write what I was hearing. Eventually the story began to take shape. I don't work from an outline because I don't like knowing what's going to happen next so every day was a surprise as the plot unfolded. I did know two things for certain though, right from the start: who Laura would choose and what her destiny was meant to be. 

Andrea @ Reading Lark: Where is your book set? Why did you choose this location? 

Kellie: The book is set in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Originally I was thinking about Michigan's Upper Peninsula but it didn't make sense that royals would go there and I don't think there are many Portuguese people there. But there is a large Portuguese community in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Also, in reality, a lot of royals attend college in Rhode Island (at Brown and RISD) so it made sense to set it there. Also, I lived in Portsmouth--and Middletown/Newport--years ago when my husband was stationed there with the Navy. It's a gorgeous state. My best friend still lives in Middletown. 

Andrea @ Reading Lark: Who are three of your favorite authors? 

Kellie: Simone Elkeles, Abbi Glines, Elizabeth Reyes 

Andrea @ Reading Lark: What is your favorite bird? 

Kellie: Seagulls 

 Pick One: 
- Rain or Shine? Shine 
- Pink or Red? Pink 
- Kindle or Nook? Kindle 
- Walk or Run? Walk 
- Read or Write? Write

About the Novel

The Gypsy Thief is set in modern day Rhode Island and is the story of Laura Calder and her love for two boys: Andrew Easton, a descendant of King George the First, and Miguel Dos Santos, a mysterious gypsy who has royal ties of his own. More than 300 years previously, a dying Portuguese princess named Gabriela cast a gypsy curse on King George the First who issued a royal decree to counteract that curse. In the spring of 2012, the time has come for the decree to be fulfilled: Miguel Dos Santos must die by the hand of Tristan Easton, the eldest son of the Duke of Easton. But when a tragic accident befalls Tristan, it is up to his younger brother Andrew to carry out the decree, a situation complicated by the fact that Miguel once saved Andrew's life. Andrew's father, the Duke of Easton, aware of Miguel's act of bravery, decides to let him live, but not without cost. He forces Laura into an impossible situation in order to save Miguel and her family. She must make a life-changing, heart-breaking decision, even as she tries to understand the messages from the mysterious disk she wears as a talisman around her neck, a talisman she must protect from the duke, as it is now her only tie to Miguel. Ultimately, The Gypsy Thief is a story of family honor and the lengths we will go to protect the ones we love, a story to be continued in its sequel, The Dark Prince, and concluded in The Shadow King.

We have TWO paperback copies of The Gypsy Thief up for grabs. Thank you, Kellie Bellamy Tayer, for providing the books for the giveaway. The giveaway is open internationally. In order to win you must:

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The giveaway runs from April 20-27. The winners will be contacted via email on April 28. Reading Lark is not responsible for prize delivery.


  1. THE GYPSY THIEF does sound wonderful. The last gypsy related book I read was as a child. A fascinating culture.


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