Friday Five: Favorite Websites

We have several friends over at Eve's and wanted to support the work they do. We will feature the same topic each week that they do, but the original idea came from Cheryl Renee Herbsman's blog.

This week, Eve's Fan Garden asks....

What are your FIVE favorite NON- BOOK related blogs/websites? List them and be sure to include a link so we can check them out!

**warning! The content of sites may not be suitable for everyone! Click at your own risk.

1. facebook - I am addicted to facebook, I think sometimes that I live there. That's where all of my friends live! ;)

2. The Hair Pin - Lots of fun and funny random information.

3. Autocorrect Fails - This website keeps me in tears from laughter. Especially because I can warp the situation to fit myself and my friends many times.

4. Parents Shouldn't Text - Another hysterically funny website.

5. People Magazine - I love me some celebrity gossip.


  1. 1 & 3 are frequent stops of mine too! I would have to add goodreads and twitter to that list.

  2. Me too, Andrea. I am checking out the Hairpin, though- I haven't been there before.

  3. The parents shouldn't text and Auto Correct Fails bring me to tears EVERY time.. I think I'll go there now....

  4. O M G! I just spent like an hour on which I found after looking at the Auto Correct Fails and Parents Shouldn't Text sites that you suggested.

    I'm addicted now! I should have went to bed an hour ago, but I couldn't stop reading them. Lol. This made my night!


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