Book Boyfriend: Aidan Gray

We decided that Thursday needed a little pizazz and stumbled on this meme. So we took ourselves over to The Unread Reader to see what it was all about and join the fun. The Unread Reader features this meme on Wednesdays, but we figured moving our participation to Thursday wouldn't hurt anything. We'd love it if you'd leave a comment if you participate in this so we can check out your book boyfriends as well.

I am getting an opportunity to guest blog this meme, so I am making this one count!!

My book boyfriend is: Aidan Gray
Book he's in: Haven

Author: Kristi Cook

My ideal Aidan is Chord Overstreet. Feel free to Google him.

His appearance:

*eyes that are not quite blue, not quite gray, with thick, dark lashes
*pale, perfect skin, except for the dark smudges under his eyes
*full lips
*slightly crooked nose
*golden blond hair that curls against his collar and shines like gold in the sun
*close to 6 feet tall
*more long and lean than muscular, but not skinny

Some Aidan facts:
*originally from Dorset, England. His parents are long dead.

*his voice is deep and soft, with a hint of a British accent
*his presence makes girls go all gooey and speechless; other characters call this the Aidan effect
*he is known to largely ignore his classmates until Violet comes along
*he is an excellent student, who spends a lot of time in the Chemistry lab working on an independent study project
*he sometimes seems to appear out of nowhere or vanish into thin air
*he is a student at Winterhaven, a private boarding school in New York state founded by Washington Irving
*he will do whatever is necessary to protect Violet

Quotes about Aidan:

"Aidan Gray. I fought the urge to say it aloud, to hear it slip off my own tongue. My God, I was losing my mind. Either that, or I'd suddenly become really shallow." ~ Violet McKenna

"Aidan's an intellectual- the smartest kid at Winterhaven, and that's saying a lot." ~ Sophie Patterson

"Never had a guy made me feel so flustered, so completely tongue-tied, so. . . so hyperaware and self-conscious as this one did. I didn't want to be alone with him, afraid I would humiliate myself. . ." ~ Violet McKenna

"He's pretty hot, isn't he?" ~Sophie Patterson

Why I love Aidan:
Aidan is such an amazing mix of all my favorite YA paranormal book boyfriends (with the exception of that golden blond hair- I prefer brunettes.) This book is best read without spoilers, so I can't post here a lot of my reasons for loving Aidan. What I can tell you is this: when he realizes his feelings for Violet, he doesn't hide from them. He means what he says and says what he means, so he is trustworthy. He is kind and gentle natured, but absolutely fearless in protecting those who have his loyalty. And the Aidan effect- well, if you've ever experienced this phenomenon in real life, the descriptions in the book will bring you right back to that moment, and that's an amazing feeling.

Who would be my perfect Aidan?
I don't know that my perfect Aidan exists. I'd have to take elements from here and there. . . Ryan Reynolds has the hair, the body and the wit, but is too old and too sarcastic for Aidan. Chord Overstreet, pictured above, gets close to the look, but doesn't have the deep, accented voice or the crooked nose. I guess I'll just have to keep looking, friends. I know, you all pity me. :)


  1. Oh Paula - You knew this was the best way to get me to read this book, didn't ya Twinkie? *sigh* He sounds quite delightful and yummy. I will definitely be adding this book to my wish list! :D

  2. Love this post! He's just amazing. Great job, Paula!

  3. @Tevya: yeah, I figured this would get ya. :)

    @Cindy: you and me baby, we are going to help Aidan take over the world. *wink*

  4. Read it Tevya, read it! I loved Haven.

  5. @Bella- Yes! Help me spread the word!

    @Sara- Agreed. *sigh*


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