Weekly Lark 3/30/11

The Weekly Lark is a prompt for the imagination: something that’s just for fun. A lark is defined as “a source of or quest for amusement or adventure”. . . so let the adventure begin!

This week: What is your standard reading snack?

Tevya: Chips and salsa- yum

Andrea: I don't have a snack, but I do love to curl up with a Venti iced black tea from Starbuck's when I read.

Paula: Popcorn. I'm pretty sure that's my standard snack, no matter what I'm doing.

What about you, readers? :)


  1. I want to know how Tevya keeps from covering her books in salsa.

  2. Anything salty...chips, peanuts, almonds...

  3. @ Diana- mmm, I love almonds.


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