Book Boyfriend: Cabel Strumheller

We decided that Thursday needed a little pizazz and stumbled on this meme while hanging out at one of our favorite blogs, A Book and a Cupcake. So we took ourselves over to The Unread Reader to see what it was all about and join the fun. The Unread Reader features this meme on Wednesdays, but we figured moving our participation to Thursday wouldn't hurt anything. We'd love it if you'd leave a comment if you participate in this so we can check out your book boyfriends as well.

This week, my book boyfriend is Cabel Strumheller from the Wake trilogy by Lisa McMann.

Nickname: Cabe

*angular jaw

*wavy, shoulder length light brown hair

*thin and muscular

*silky brown eyes

Facts about Cabel:

*Cabel is sweet, but he has a dark past.

*He's a skateboarder.

*He use to be a pothead and dealer.

*Cabel now works with the cops to bust other dealers.

*He has burn scars on his torso from a horrific event in his past.

Quotes about Cabel:

"You kiss better than I imagined." ~ Janie

"But I'm known for sleeping in school. It's my shtick." ~ Cabe

"Cabe is not a drug dealer, pusher, liaison, user, and/or other in real life. He just plays one on TV." ~ Captain

Why he's my book boyfriend:

Cabe is mysterious and sweet, and he's got a little bit of a bad boy in him. He is trustworthy - he keeps Janie's secret. But more than that, Janie's secret leaves her very vulnerable, and Cabe protects her while she is "under". He leaves snickers bars... and power bars... for her in places she'll find them even when they aren't talking...because he knows she needs them. *sigh* Cabe finds a way into her dreams, he writes sweet notes to her. He's not afraid to fight for her and their love when she tries to turn away.


  1. This is a really creative meme! I just bought Wake and am looking forward to reading it! Thanks for the follow, I returned the favor and think your blog is absolutely gorgeous! :)

  2. I love Cabel! He was mine last week...I guess I can share! ;)

  3. I just listened to the audio version of Wake and I loved it! When I googled "Janie and Cabel" to try to get some images to put on my blog post for the book, one of the graphics you used popped up! The guy in the grey shirt - HOT! Hope you don't mind but I used it for my post!

    You can check out my review here...

  4. What's your fantasy Cabels name

    1. how do you pronounce cabel's name out


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