Book Review: Grave Secret

Grave Secret (Harper Connelly #4)
Published By: Berkley
Release Date: October 2009
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Source: Library
Audience: Adult

I have grown to love the Harper Connelly series so much, but this installment was somewhat of a let down. Part of what appeals to me about these books are Harper's ability to find and commune with the dead. She doesn't have tea parties or long gossipy conversations with corpses, but she is able to see the last moments of their life and pinpoint the cause of death. Harper's strange gift is a result of being struck by lightening at the age of 15. However, this book only has about 3 minutes of Harper spending time with the dead. The plot revolved more around Harper's relationship with Tolliver and reliving her childhood than anything else. I was beyond frustrated by that. While those elements were interesting - that is not why I have continued to read this series.

I did enjoy the twists in this novel, but they weren't enough to make me happy when all was said and done. Sure, I realize that I am being quite picky, but I think after all this time with these books, I deserve a chance to whine a bit. Harper actually got on my nerves in this one which is not the norm. I actually just wanted her to stop talking in several scenes.

I did appreciate that readers finally learn what happened to Cameron, Harper's older sister, in this one. I have been piecing together theories throughout the series and I couldn't have been further from the truth in my thinking. This one is worth reading just to learn what really happened to Cameron. 

Overall, I enjoyed the book, but it was not my favorite in the series and it didn't live up to the high expectations set in book #3. I also am a bit worried. The ending of this one almost sounded like Harper was telling readers goodbye. I read just a moment ago that this was indeed the last Harper book. I am pretty upset by that as I don't think this was the best way to leave fans. This was not Harper at her finest and everything ended just a tad too neatly. I wonder why Charlaine Harris has chosen to leave Harper behind. This book as an ending to a series is like finding out someone has eaten all the cream out of your oreos - it tastes okay, but it's just not what you were truly looking for....

One Last Gripe: I'm not happy that there are no more Harper books. Have I mentioned that? It makes me want to punch Sookie in the face.

My Favorite Thing About This Book: Finally knowing what happened to Cameron

First Sentence: "All right," said the straw-haired woman in the denim jacket.

Favorite Character: Tolliver

Least Favorite Character: Matthew

Lightning-struck sleuth Harper Connelly and her stepbrother Tolliver take a break from looking for the dead to visit the two little girls they both think of as family. But as they travel to Texas, memories of their horrible childhood resurface. Family secrets ensnare them both, as Tolliver learns his father is out of jail and Harper finally discovers what happened to her missing sister Cameron so many years before. And what she finds will change her world forever.


  1. I love her Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampires series so much but I haven't tried any of her other novels. Now you have me interested in Harper. Maybe I'll have to give her a chance too.

  2. @Lisa - I think I actually like Harper better than Sookie. These are quick reads. I'd recommend giving them a try. The first 3 are 5 stars for me easy.

  3. I wasn't satisfied with the ending of this series at all. It seemed like she just threw everything together to wrap it up in a tidy little bow.

    With her sister's killer and ultimate location, it seems like there should have been some more foreshadowing throughout the series. I didn't think she really hinted at that resolution at all during the series. It's like she just thought of it for the last book.

  4. @ Joy - I agree with you 100%. I almost felt like she was just tired of writing the Harper books and wanted to wrap it up as soon as possible. I just don't feel like fans of this series got her best work on this at all.


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