Book Review: Hard Bitten

Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires #4)
Published By: NAL
Release Date: May 3, 2011
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Source: Purchased by Reviewer
Audience: Adult

This will perhaps be one of the shortest reviews I have ever written. I had to wait for the tears to dry so I could see to type. However, I do not want to spoil this read for anyone. I will simply suggest that tissues remain close at hand. I am totally in favor of trusting an author's vision for their characters and story lines, but Hard Bitten was a difficult one for me to swallow. Be prepared to laugh, cry, throw things, and sit on the edge of your seat for this one.

Chicago is once again being plagued by an unknown source. This time a white pill, V, is being given out to drug vampires into a state where they lose all inhibitions. Feeding frenzies and violence break out throughout the city causing the humans to mistrust their fanged neighbors even more. Can Merit and the Cadogan vamps find out who is behind the mess and restore the city's peace?

Overall, this book like the previous ones in the series was well written, engaging, and action packed. I enjoyed getting to spend more time with Merit and the other characters I have come to know and love. I did miss having Gabriel and the packs around after getting so much shifter action in book #3. They do make a few brief appearances in this one, but I would have liked more.

I also am still longing for when I get a huge dose of Catcher and Mallory like I did in the first book. I sense that something is brewing in the sorcery community and I am intrigued to learn what exactly it is. 

This edition ends with lots of loose ends. Thank goodness the next book comes out in November.

One Last Gripe: I hope that all the events in this book come to make sense in the next one because right now I am having a hard time accepting them.

My Favorite Thing About This Book: Ethan trying to win back Merit's heart

First Sentence: We worked beneath the shine of floodlights that punched holes in the darkness of Hyde Park - nearly one hundred vampires airing rugs, painting cabinet doors, and sanding trim.

Favorite Character: Merit

Least Favorite Character: Joshua Merit

Chicago is beset by supernatural tensions, and Merit-vampire protector of a safe haven called Cadogan house-is worried that the humans will be reaching for their pitchforks any minute. It doesn't help that yet another vampire rave is broken up by the mayor, and a new inhibition- reducing drug is circulating through the community.

It's up to Merit to put her house in order-literally. And if that takes getting a little blood on her hands, so be it.


  1. A great review! I am looking forward to reading Drink Deep, November can't come soon enough.

  2. @Sharon - Thanks for stopping by and reading the review. I agree - November needs to get here quickly. I also expect that I will be dropping everything to read Deep Drink as soon as I can get my hands on it.

  3. The ending left me heartbroken, so I'm desperate to learn what's going to happen in Drink Deep!! Hard Bitten was still a great addition to the series and I like how Chloe Neill always keeps us on our toes...

  4. @Midnight Bloom - I was heartbroken as well, but I am trying to have faith in Chloe Neill. She has a vision and even this must have a purpose.


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