Weekly Lark 7/27/11

The Weekly Lark is a prompt for the imagination: something that’s just for fun. A lark is defined as “a source of or quest for amusement or adventure”. . . so let the adventure begin!

This week: Tell us about your kids/pets/other you've named after literary characters.

Paula: I named one of my daughters after a character in Les Miserables. Her middle name is Cosette. 

Tevya: .My son's name is Garrett, from Nicholas Sparks's Message in a Bottle. My daughter's middle name is Claire. While it's actually a family name and she is older than Twilight, I always think of her when I read about Claire in the TWS. I have a dog name Jasper who came to us right at the height of my Twilight obsession and was totallly named after Jasper Hale, much to my husband's chagrin.

Julie: I have a black and white cat named Jace who is 100% after Jace Wayland in the MI series. Charlie, black cat, named after the British children's book series Charlie and Lola. :)

Erin: Everyone tries to say I named my daughter, Bella, after Bella Swan. She wasn't at all. But, my jack Russell is named after Alice Cullen. She was a rescue and we don't know her back ground so we thought that was fitting. Our new kitten was named Remy after Remy from hollowland. So she us our zombie fighter cat lol

Michelle: I have a black cat named Gautier (from Sherrilyn Kenyon's DH series & CON) and a new gray tiger-striped kitten named Daeneryes from George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice & Fire.

Andrea: I have a cairn terrier named Jasper that everyone assumes I named after Twilight, but he actually got his name from a character in the disney film, The Gnome Mobile. However, he was named Rhett Butler (Gone with the Wind) for the first 10 minutes I owned him as a puppy. I also have a husky mix named Starbuck. Her name is a character in Moby Dick. We also chose that name due to my caffeine addiction and my husband's love of Battlestar Galactica.


  1. lol I actually did have a bowl of 3 fish that I named after he Black Pack! The biggest and best looking one was named after my boo Jacob and the other two were named Sam and Leah!

  2. We just got two kittens and named them Bellatrix and Snape. Snape is a black semi-long haired cat. He looks really scraggly. Bellatrix is a tortoise shell cat and she is 100% certifiably insane! So the names fit them perfectly!

  3. So cute! I also have a kitty with golden eyes named Jace.


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