Book Review: In Search of the Rose Notes

In Search of the Rose Notes 
* ARC Edition
Published By: William Morrow
Page Count: 369 
Release Date: July 26, 2011
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Audience: Adult

In Search of the Rose Notes is an intriguing mystery that spans more than a decade. The book follows Nora and Charlotte from their childhood - when at the age of 11 their babysitter, Rose, disappears. Speculation flies throughout the town about her fate. Some say she ran away from home while others think something more sinister may have befallen the teen. Nora and Charlotte become obsessed with finding out what happened to Rose and begin a series of paranormal investigations guided by Time Life Books to solve the mystery of Rose's disappearance. However, the investigation and loss soon takes it toll on both girls and their friendship begins to crumble. The other part of the book focuses on Nora and Charlotte in their 20's when Rose is found. These two young women are struggling to bring their past into the present to heal old wounds and settle the question once and for all - What really happened to Rose? Emily Arsenault flawlessly meshes together the past and the present to create an addictive and endearing read.
Arsenault has crafted such a unique and riveting mystery while also telling a coming of age story. The addition of the Time Life Books was creative and fresh. I didn't really remember these books, but when I mentioned them to my husband he was able to shake some recollections loose from my memory. He was fascinated by these books and their commercials as were Nora and Charlotte. Grounding this story in the time period of my youth allowed me to form connections with these characters and truly experience the story along with them.

I also enjoyed that the mystery of Rose's disappearance was solved in a way I never expected. I loved watching the story unravel and clues rise to the surface. I had suspicions about what happened, but I was not even close. After I finished the book, I was able to go back and see where I had missed important pieces that could have led me to the right conclusion. If you are a fan of mysteries, this book is for you. Arsenault is a talented writer who keeps you enthralled from cover to cover.

One Last Gripe: I was really creeped out by Charlotte's dad.

My Favorite Thing About This Book: The ending - I didn't see it coming!

First Sentence: When I was a kid, I used to stop cold whenever one of those commercials came on.

Favorite Character: Nora

Least Favorite Character: Charlotte's Dad

A moody and engrossing mystery, In Search of the Rose Notes follows two best friends from childhood who once unsuccessfully investigated the disappearance of their teenage babysitter, and now, in their twenties, attempt once again to uncover the truth.  Readers who love the literary, female focused mysteries of Laura Lippman, Tana French, and Jennifer McMahon will be thrilled to add Emily Arsenault to their must-read lists.

 About The Author:

Emily Arsenault is a mystery writer who hails from Massachusetts. She is also the writer of The Broken Teaglass, which was selected as a New York Times 2009 Notable Mystery.

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  1. I love this! "I had suspicions about what happened, but I was not even close. After I finished the book, I was able to go back and see where I had missed important pieces that could have led me to the right conclusion."

    I love when I'm reading a book and the ending is a surprise, but if I look back, I can see where clues were planted. So glad you loved it!

    Thanks for being on the tour!

  2. Trish - Thanks for having me on the tour. I have found so many amazing books and great authors because of your tours. I can't wait to do more in the future. :)

  3. Awesome review! I will definitely be reading this book because of it!

  4. Yeah Kelly! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  5. Thanks for the great review! I'm featuring it on TLC's Facebook page today.

  6. Oh, wow! Thank you, Heather. I'm so excited. :)


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