Weekly Lark 8/31/11

The Weekly Lark is a prompt for the imagination: something that’s just for fun. A lark is defined as “a source of
or quest for amusement or adventure”. . . so let the adventure begin!

This week: Think of the book you are currently reading. If it was a breakfast cereal, which one would it be?

Julie:  I'm reading So Big by Edna Ferber. I'm going to go with the obvious here and choose full-sized Shredded Wheat based on the size. The book is also a satisfying read, not too sweet or sugary and very filling. It's also a Pulitzer winner, so it's a "healthy" read too...just like Shredded Wheat.
Paula: I actually just finished a book, but I can bet you that whatever I pick up next, it will be a Lucky charms book. I like the sweet and colorful with my whole grain pieces. And I prefer reads that are snack-able.
Meagen: Count Chocula. I'm reading Bound by Blood by P.A. Lupton.
Michelle: It would be grape nuts - Dry, flavorless and hard to get down.