Book Review: iBoy

By: Kevin Brooks
Published by Scholastic Press
Release Date: November 1, 2011
Genre: Young Adult
304 pages
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Source: hard copy provided by This Is Teen

My thoughts:

Know that this plot involves some pretty rough characters, so some content/language is not kid friendly. If that's not an issue for you, then I'd recommend you give this one a go- it's a really interesting, original concept. 

The plot involves some intriguing ideas about what would happen if parts of a smart phone got imbedded into the human brain, and could be powered by the brain's natural electrical impulses. The resulting person has what amounts to super-powers. . . and of course, the responsibility to use those powers for good. But in Tom Harvey's neighborhood, the line between good and evil gets a little blurry. 

The writing is phenomenal; it's got a very visual texture. I remember finishing the book and immediately thinking, "this would make a great graphic novel. Maybe even a movie." It's got many of the same qualities we enjoy in our blockbuster super-hero action movies.

The author keeps the pace pretty steady, so the reader moves page to page, always chasing the what-happens-next. It's a fast read for this reason, and one that sticks with you long after you've put it down.

Perhaps my favorite element is that the main character, Tom Harvey, is at heart a very average, ordinary boy. He didn't want to be anything special, and yet greatness has been thrust upon him. How he manages to muddle his way through what to do with his new abilities, as well as how to develop a romantic relationship for the first time, makes him a very relatable, endearing character. 

Smart, timely writing makes this one a great recommendation for older teens and adults.

Summary from GoodReads:

Before the attack, sixteen-year-old Tom Harvey was just an ordinary boy. But now fragments of a shattered iPhone are embedded in his brain and it's having an extraordinary effect...Because now Tom has powers - the ability to know and see more than he could ever imagine. And with incredible power comes knowledge - and a choice. Seek revenge on the violent gangs that rule his estate and assaulted his friend Lucy, or keep quiet? Tom has control when everything else is out of control. But it's a dangerous price to pay. And the consequences are terrifying.


  1. Great review - haven't seen this one around, but I'll make sure to look for it. There aren't nearly enough books in YA that focus on boys :)


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