Book Boyfriend: Ash

We decided that Thursday needed a little pizazz and stumbled on this meme while hanging out at one of our favorite blogs, A Book and a Cupcake. So we took ourselves over to The Unread Reader to see what it was all about and join the fun. We'd love it if you'd leave a comment if you participate in this so we can check out your book boyfriends as well. 

My Book Boyfriend:  Ashallyn' darkmyr Tallyn (aka Ash), The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa

My ideal Ash is Ben Barnes. Feel free to Google him!

How Meghan describes Ash:

"Its rider was tall and lean, garbed in silver and black.  A dark cape fluttered from (his) shoulders.  Through the rain, I caught the barest glimpse of a face:  young, pale, strikingly handsome... staring right at me.  My stomach lurched and I caught my breath."  p. 46, The Iron King

"... a tall, lean figure dressed in silver and black.  A boy, perhaps a little older than me, though it was impossible to tell his exact age.  His body was youthful, but there was a stillness to him that hinted at something far older, something incredibly dangerous. (...) Thick, raven-wing hair tumbled to his shoulders, not quite covering (his) delicate, pointed ears.  He wasn't human.  He was one of them, one of the fey. (...)  He was gorgeous.  More than gorgeous, he was beautiful.  Regal beautiful, prince-of-a-foreign-nation beautiful. (...) Still, it was a cold, hard beauty, like that of a marble statue, inhuman and otherworldly.  His slanted eyes, beneath long, jagged bangs, glimmered like chips of steel.  p. 81-82, The Iron King

"Up close, he was even more beautiful, with high cheekbones and dark tousled hair falling into his eyes."  p. 167, The Iron King
Some Facts About Ash:

- Youngest son of Queen Mab and Prince of the Unseelie (Winter) Court
- He is a hunter
- Spends much of his time in the Wyldwood, instead of at court
- As with all fey, he has an aversion to iron
- His first love, Ariella, was killed by a wyvern as the result of a poor decision made by Puck
- "Frienemy" of Puck 
- Abdicated his princehood in order to become Meghan's knight
- Very much in love with the Summer Princess/Iron Queen, Meghan Chase
- Pursued the nearly impossible task of becoming human in order to be with Meghan in the Iron Realm

Why Ash is my Book Boyfriend:

Although he is already spoken for by Meghan Chase, a girl can still dream to be in Meghan's shoes, sometimes.  Ash's devotion to Meghan goes beyond words... he literally went to the Ends of the Earth for her.  Who could resist that kind of devotion??

And who can resist a hot guy with a sword??

He hit all the right buttons for me. He is the epitome of the perfect "knight in shining armour"... literally. In my eyes, he is the perfect love interest, leading man, hero. Despite his icey facade, he was incredibly sweet and loving towards Meghan.  He always wanted what was best for her.  Ash was fiercely protective of Meghan, yet tough on her too.  For example, when she asked him to teach her to fight, he was not gentle with her. Ash loved Meghan enough to teach her to fight for real... with skill, instincts and cunning, which in turn, also boosted her confidence, and helped make her a stronger person all around. He has faults... he can be stubborn at times (although I would argue he's more determined than stubborn), and he has a past he isn't proud of, but that makes him who he is now.  If I had to describe my perfect 'book boyfriend'... it would be Ashallyn' darkmyr Tallyn.

Here's just a tiny sample of Ash's awesomeness:
“His forehead bumped softly against mine, his brilliant silver gaze searing into me. “I plan to keep you, from everyone, for as long as I’m alive. That includes Puck, the false king, and anyone else who would take you away.” One corner of his mouth quirked, as I struggled to catch my breath under his powerful scrutiny. “I guess I should’ve warned you that I have a slight possessive streak.” p. 52, The Iron Queen (ebook version), Julie Kagawa.

Who Would be My Perfect Ash:

I have searched high and lo to find someone that matches the perfect image I have of Ash in my mind.  So far, the closest image would have to be Ben Barnes, especially in his role as Prince Caspian of the Narnia series.  Although I will admit, he still needs 'silver' eyes. 


  1. Great choice! I have a thing for Ash as well. ;)

  2. I know, eh?! He's my favourite YA leading man EVER! *sigh*

  3. I agree with your choice for Ash! Ben Barnes is perfect, well almost perfect. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a love for Ash.

    Did you see the Valentines Day special that was posted a few weeks ago?
    It was amazing! (:

    1. Awe... do you mean I have to share him?! It's hard enough with Meghan!! lol! ;)

      I agree with you... Ben Barnes is ALMOST a perfect Ash... he's the closest celeb that matches my image... but Ash is even hotter in my mind (if that's possible)!

      YES!!!! I sure did see that Valentine's Special!! AMAZING!!!!! I can't wait for more of them!!!!

    2. I know what you mean. In my mind Ash is like amazing! The Valentines Special was so cute!! Hopefully there will be more (:


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