Character Interview: Mo from Untraceable

Reading Lark is excited to be part of the Untraceable Blog Tour. We have Mo, one of the men from Untraceable, in the nest today.

Andrea @ Reading Lark: What are the top 3 reasons why our readers should spend time with you?

  Mo: Crumbs. I’m not sure they should. Unless they like to talk about constellations, geology, or Grace. 

Andrea @ Reading Lark: What's your best feature? 

Mo: Even though some may question my intentions or my honesty, I consider myself an honest person. Looks wise? My pinky finger on my left hand is handsome as hell. 

Andrea @ Reading Lark: Do you have a celebrity look alike? If so, who is it? 

Mo: Some people say I look like that bloke, Brodi Jenner. But I’m not much of a Hollywood guy so he could look like Egor and I wouldn’t know. 

Andrea @ Reading Lark: What are some of your hobbies? 

Mo: Isn’t camping, hiking, fishing and studying rocks enough? 

Andrea @ Reading Lark: Are you a morning person or a night owl? 

Mo: I’m up with the birds. 

Andrea @ Reading Lark: What song should be your personal theme song? 

Mo: No clue. But Grace by U2 is my current favorite. 

Andrea @ Reading Lark: Describe your relationship with Grace. 

Mo: Abso-bloody-lutely fantastic

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  1. LOL I love Mo! Great interview and thank you for being on the blog tour!

  2. Oh Mo - isn't he dashing :) Thanks for being on the tour!

  3. Mo was a pleasure to have! He's welcome back anytime. :)


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