Book Review: What Alice Forgot

What Alice Forgot
What Alice Forgot
By: Liane Moriarty
Published by Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam
Release Date: June 2, 2011
Genre: Adult Fiction
487 pages
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Source: won from GoodReads

This book was a nice change from my normal YA diet. An occasional big girl book is good for the soul, as well as a healthy reminder that, though I spend my work days amongst adolescents, I am one of the big girls.
The main character in this book is dealing with recovering from a head injury that caused her to lose the last ten years of her life. I think it's pretty normal for a person to get to this stage of life and wonder, "how did I get here?" Alice, through a bout of amnesia, actually gets to discover exactly how she did get where she is- and in the process, takes control for perhaps the first time.

Going through this experience with Alice was an interesting exercise in self-study. I found myself examining my own life as Alice examines hers, and asking the same questions: I know who I was, but who am I now? I know what I wanted, but do I still want that? How have my priorities changed? My goals? My dreams? My fears?

I think one of the beautiful things about mid-life is that it allows us to put things on pause for a moment and ponder. Alice is forced to do this, but the reader has the luxury of reading a few pages, then setting the book aside to allow time to digest our thoughts and feelings. For the lucky reader, we find, like Alice, that though life isn't what we had planned, it is still sweet.

This was a fun read, perfect for the beach. Get your copy and tuck it in your bag for that first summer outing.

Summary from GoodReads:

Remember the woman you used to be ... 

Alice is twenty-nine. She is whimsical, optimistic and adores sleep, chocolate, her ramshackle new house and her wonderful husband Nick. What's more, she's looking forward to the birth of the 'Sultana' - her first baby. 

But now Alice has slipped and hit her head in her step-aerobics class and everyone's telling her she's misplaced the last ten years of her life. 

In fact, it would seem that Alice is actually thirty-nine and now she loves schedules, expensive lingerie, caffeine and manicures. She has three children and the honeymoon is well and truly over for her and Nick. In fact, he looks at her like she's his worst enemy. What's more, her beloved sister Elisabeth isn't speaking to her either. And who is this 'Gina'everyone is so carefully trying not to mention? 

Alice isn't sure that she likes life ten years on. Every photo is another memory she doesn't have and nothing makes sense. Just how much can happen in a decade? Has she really lost her lovely husband for ever?


  1. This sounds delightful..i have been in a YA funk as well, this week I am reviewing all adult books and enjoying it. thanks for sharing this one, loved your thoughts on it.

  2. I have those YA funks as well. I have been doing better by trying to balance my YA love with some great adult reads. Its helped tremendously. Great review, Paula.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the review. :)


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