Book BFF: Libby Kelting

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Libby Kelting, from Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink by Stephanie Kate Strohm
Book Release Date: May 8, 2012
My ideal Libby is Arielle Kebbel.


* Kitty (Garrett's nickname for her - you'll have to read the book to find out the hilarious origin of it)
* Malibu Barbie (Ashling's nickname for her)

* Blond, Curly Hair 
* Size Six
* Uses things like beets and ashes as makeup while she's in her colonial garb
* Has Freckles
* Short

Facts About Libby:
* Best Friend of Dev

* Not a Light Packer - Hey, you never know when you're going to need a gold pair of Gladiator sandals or polka dot bikini
* Passionate about fashion and history
* From Minnesota
* Has Two Beagles
* Spends her summer working as an education and interpretation intern at a living history museum in Maine that specializes in the colonial time period
* Has a fondness for "Proud Mary", but doesn't do sea shanties
* Great with Kids - runs the Girls of Long Ago Camp
* Gets to live on a ship. the Lettie Mae, for the summer (I was kind of jealous)
* Her favorite book is Northanger Abbeu'ry


* "My favorite area is American social history, specifically women's studies." ~ Libby, Kindle Location 189 (ARC)

* Now, here is the dirty little secret of almost every girl who loves history: somewhere along the line, she fell for a fictional historical hottie. ~ Libby, Kindle Location 284 (ARC)

* If my life was a romance novel, sparks would have been flying and bosoms would have been heaving. But with a sailor dangling over the garden gate, for the first time I was entertaining the possibility that maybe life was a romance novel. ~ Libby, Kindle Location 477 (ARC)

* "And you should be the heroine of your own life, you know?" ~ Libby, Kindle Location 848 (ARC)

Why She's My Book BFF:

Libby is just the type of girl I could see myself hanging out with on a regular basis. She's loves to have fun and is a history nerd (just like me). It would be awesome to have someone to go to museums, battlefields, and historic homes with that would get into it as much as I do. Libby also has many other talents such as baking, singing, ghost hunting, and teaching. There would never be a dull moment with Libby around; she would always be leading me off on the next historical adventure.