Book BFF: Trella

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This week my Book BFF is Trella from Maria V. Snyder's Inside Out series.
My ideal Trella is Camilla Belle.

Nickname: Queen of the Pipes

Appearance: *long brown hair
*brown eyes, that hold a secret
*small frame, but strong- good for crawling around in ducts and pipes
*lean and muscular from all that pipe crawling
*she's nearly always dressed in her work uniform, as she doesn't see much point in changing into the equally drab off-duty uniform.

Facts about Trella
* She lives in a place known as Inside. Her food is grown by hydroponics, she has never seen the sun, and a Gateway to Outside is the stuff of legend.
*She and her care mates were raised by a woman who is not their mother. In her society, living as a family is not encouraged.
*She has been crawling the pipes since she was small. That was the only place she could find the solitude she craved, away from the massive population of scrubs. This thirst for time away from the crowds has given her a reputation as being rather antisocial.
*She has a bunk, which she shares with the scrub whose shift is opposite hers. She rarely sleeps there, though, as she prefers the quiet of the pipes.
*She has very few personal possessions. In her world, space and resources are extremely limited, so owning things is not practical.
*People in her society are called scrubs because nearly all their jobs involve cleaning and/or maintenance. The people in charge live in the upper levels, and are called uppers.

"You know every duct, corridor, pipe, shortcut, hole and ladder of Inside. Only you would be able to retrieve something I need." ~ Domotor, page 16

" 'I'm talking to a wall. You don't care about anyone in this place.' An old argument. My response would be how I cared about him, and he would claim I had a funny way of showing it. But not this time." ~ Cog and Trella, page 30

"If you're hiding Broken Man, that means you actually care for another person and there's hope for you yet." ~ Jacy, page 81

Why she's my Book BFF: Trella  just wanted to live a quiet life to herself; she never had aspirations of political involvement. She is willing to give up the life that's most comfortable to her, however, for the love of a friend. As a result, she becomes an accidental heroic leader. She gains fame and power without wanting either. Her motives are unselfish- and in my opinion, that's one of the most important things we can aspire to be.