Short Story Review: Secrets of the Time Society

Secrets of the Time Society (Timeless 1.5)
Published By: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: March 13, 2012
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Source: Provided by Author
Audience: Young Adult - Fantasy

This was a small treat to explain a lot of questions that are raised in Timeless. While not all of my questions have been answered, many of them have been laid to rest. 

This short story sets up some tension with Michele that will no doubt be a major plot point in the second novel, Timekeeper. She is having dreams about a young girl with venom in her eyes who seems to hate Michele. Never having laid eyes on the girl before causes Michele's anxiety level to rise. She will certainly be on the defensive where this girl is concerned.

Also in this edition, we meet a new member of the Windsor family who explains how the Windsors came to be time travelers. Information about Michele's father and his connection to the Time Society is revealed.

I loved getting to understand more about the Time Society and how they operate. The headquarters was fascinating; I only wish I had gotten to spend more time there. I want to know even more about this talented and mysterious group of people.

I really enjoyed this quick read (it was only 26 pages on my Kindle), but I do wish it had been just a bit longer. There is so much valuable information packed into such a small space. I would have found this to be a stronger short story if it had been more like 50 pages in length. In spite of the brevity, it is an intriguing addition to the series. Bring on Timekeeper!

There exists a secret society where one's ability to travel through time is "gifted" to members only by blood. Those who try to enter the society quickly come to realize that time is a force not to be reckoned with. Alexandra Monir's short story exclusive eBook, SECRETS OF THE TIME SOCIETY, sheds light upon the world created in her novel, TIMELESS, and forecasts the fate that lies ahead for its protagonist, Michele Windsor. Now that Michele is gifted, there are some who will do anything to take that power away.


  1. I loved Timeless and I really can't wait for Timekeeper. This sounds like a great book to read in the meantime.

    1. This was a great read and answered a lot of questions from Timeless. I'd highly recommend checking it out before the next book arrives.


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