Book BFF: Evie from Paranormalcy series

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This week my Book BFF is Evie from Kiersten White's Paranormalcy series.
My ideal Evie is a young Kate Hudson.

Given name: Evelyn

Appearance: * platinum blonde hair, pale gray eyes
* cute, button nose, pretty mouth 
* skinny, with a small frame
For this post, I've chosen Kate Hudson as the face of Evie.

Facts about Evie
* She lives in a place known as The Center. She has lived here since she was a small child. 
*She carries her trusty pink sparkly taser, Tasey, with her nearly all the time.
*She works for IPCA. Her job is to help capture and tag Paranormals to ensure that they are following regulations.
*Her best friend is a mermaid named Lish, who also lives/works at The Center.
*She obsesses over "normal teenage life". She envies teens who have lockers and driver's licenses.
*Her favorite TV show is Easton Heights, a teen drama set in a high school.

"Hey, don't judge. I happen to like popular culture. There's a reason it's popular, you know." ~Evie, Paranormalcy page 72

"Turns out my ability to see through paranormals' glamours to what they are underneath is unique. As in, no other human on Earth can do what I do. That's where things got really complicated." ~ Evie, Paranormalcy page 13

"You're kind of incredible, you know that, Evie?" ~ Lend, Paranormalcy page 268

Why she's my Book BFF: Evie is a freak among the freaks, yet she finds a way to manufacture something that resembles a normal life. She has a great friendship with Lish, and a typical mother-daughter relationship with her handler/boss, Raquel. Evie works hard, and plays harder. She kicks butt when necessary, and allows herself to be as silly/girly/lazy as she feels like when she's not working. I can imagine that spending a day with Evie would be refreshing, because her lack of regular contact with the outside world has allowed her to become who she is meant to be, free of comparison with other girls her age; she is herself 100% of the time. (Plus, I am a little jealous that she has Tasey.)


  1. I love Evie! I think that part of her unique-ness is her humour and the fact that she has a pink taser. But I love it if someone younger would play her.

  2. Great pick!! I just finished Paranormalcy and LOVED Evie!!

  3. I agree, primrose. Someone younger would work better.

    Ali, glad too see that you are a friend of Evie's, too! :)

  4. Great choice! I recently read Paranormalcy and I absolutely loved it.


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