Book BFF: Hayley & Taylor Ryan

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Hayley & Taylor Ryan from the Empty Coffin Series by Gregg Olsen
Coming Soon: Betrayal (Book #2) - September 4, 2012

I decided to feature these two together because it didn't seem fair to feature one without the other. Each twin has her own personality, but these two are best when they are together.

My ideal Hayley and Taylor would be Greer Grammer (X 2 of course). Check out Greer's IMDb page to see if she fits your vision too.

* Hay-Tay

* Blonde Hair
* Blue Eyes, Irises Speckled with Gold Flecks
* Mirror Images of Each Other
* Taylor has annoying bangs because she's growing them out
* The summer often brings a splash of freckles to the bridge of their noses

Facts About Hayley & Taylor:
* Hayley is dating the boy next door, Colton James
* The girls survived a tragic bus crash which took the lives of many others when they were little
* The twins have paranormal abilities
* Live in House #19 in Port Gamble, Washington
* Daughters of Kevin and Valerie
* The girls have separate rooms, but they have created a way to talk to each other through the wall using an old power outlet
* Hayley likes alternative music - she loves Pacific Northwest bands
* Taylor measures things with her emotions while Hayley likes to be logical and quantify things
* Taylor has a keen intuition
* Taylor is outspoken and loves to take up causes to that will change and improve society
* Hayley is quiet and an introvert
* The twins share a best friend - Beth Lee
* Their dog is a long haired dachshund named Hedda

* But despite their differences, something more than mere twinship always bonded them together. ~ Envy, pg. 15

* The Ryan twins had a slightly warped front-row seat to evil and the criminal-justice system. As a little girl, their mom lived in a prison run by her father, and she now worked as a psychiatric nurse. Their dad made his living writing about murders. What they unequivocally knew from their parents was that there were two kinds of evil: accidental and intended. ~ Envy, pg. 39

* "Hey, I'm your twin. Don't lie to me. Save it for someone who doesn't give a crap," Taylor spat out, trying to bury her jealousy. ~ Envy, pg. 63

* "The two of us need to stick together to figure it all out." ~ Hayley, Envy, pg. 63

* Maybe it was because they had come from the same egg, or maybe it was because even after the womb they spent so much time together. Whatever the case, the girls shared and experienced intense emotions simultaneously. The energy was almost a twin-sense, telegraphed to each other silently through the air like sound waves. ~ Envy, pg. 64

Why They Are My Book BFFs:

I really love the chemistry between Hayley and Taylor. I have always heard that twins share a special bond, but it was interesting to see that bond come to live in a fictional piece. The way these two compliment one another while trying to solve the mystery of Katelyn's death is really cool. They are the same and yet so vastly different. I love that each girl is a strong role model for YA readers; they are logical and make good decisions. They don't allow themselves to get caught in sticky situations very often and they always take responsibility for their actions. As a kid, I always wished that I had a twin. I would like to think if it had been the case, my twin and I could have been a lot like Hayley and Taylor. These girls are funny, intelligent, compassionate, and tenacious. You can't help rooting for them.


  1. I totally agree on your choice of who could play the twins :) very cute! Who do you see as Colton?

    I love that you chose these two as BFF's! Yes they are twins & sisters but so very different and I think had they not been twins they WOULD be BFF's!! I thought that as I read Envy too. I can hardly wait to get into Betrayal [it's on preorder] to see what Hay-Tay are up to now.

    I do know a set of twins and they always amaze me that they WANT to be together ALWAYS so much so that they are working the system so that at college they can have the same dorm room! I don't know too many siblings that would do that to me that sayz BFF’s louder than anything!

    Great blog!

    From a normally silent follower ;^)

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I actually did a book boyfriend post on Colton a few weeks ago - you can find it by going to the book boyfriend tab and clicking on his name. I chose Tyler Posey (from Teen Wolf) as my perfect Colton.

      I love that the Ryan twins are also favorites of yours and that you think Greer is a good match for them. I think she has that wholesome, All American look to her which is how I think of the twins.

      I cannot wait for Betrayal to be in my hands so I can spend more time in Port Gamble with these characters.


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