Book Review: Sweet Shadows

Sweet Shadows
Book 2 of  the Medusa Girls

Published By: Katherine Tegen, an imprint of HarperCollins 

Publication Date: September 4, 2012

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Source: ARC provided by publisher

Audience: YA Paranormal

My Thoughts:
Love love love! Harper scores another home run in my playbook. Head Lark Andrea also kindly lent me the first book and I was read to go, and promptly devoured these books in 2 days. (Keep in mind I work full time and have a family that keeps insisting they need to eat and stuff) 

The author has each one of the triplets narrate a chapter, which sounds a little wonky but she totally pulls it off. Each character has a distinct voice and personality without disrupting the flow of the story. And what a story! In my opinion it was like The Hunger Games meets the Percy Jackson series, in the sense that there are three different yet all strong female characters who don't simper over boys or their love lives that has a fun and factual twist on Greek mythology, which is one of my all time favorites. 

The three girls were separated at birth to protect them until the proper time - stars and planets aligning, and all that jazz. The first book was the three coming together and discovering their destiny. This one has them learning to stand together and be sisters as well as guardians against the monsters that slip through the seal to feed upon humanity. The first book story building but (as all first books in a series are) ended with a bang and the second definitely picked up steam in storyline and intensity.

The Olympian gods are also aligning, but who is on which side of the upcoming war? I'm DYING to find out, because you know those folks can't get along even if they tried - Just ask the Trojans or Perseus. ;)  

Cons: Having to wait for book 3, Sweet Legacy!

Three teenage descendants of Medusa, now united, must claim their heritage to fight the monsters escaped from the abyss.

Gretchen may have known she was a descendant of Medusa long before her sisters--after all, she's spent her life fighting the monsters that escape the abyss--but that doesn't mean it will be easy to teach the other girls the ropes.

Greer has pressing social commitments on her plate and precious little time to train in her newfound powers. But that wretched second sight won't leave her alone, and her fabled heritage seems to be creeping into her fashionable life.

Grace has worries closer to home--like why her brother, Thane, has disappeared. He's hiding something. Could it possibly be related to the secret heritage the triplets share?


  1. It looks so exciting, I love Greek myths, triplets? A bir strange if you ask me. However, lovely review!
    I can't wait to get my hands on it.

  2. Thank you Soma! Yeah, they are descendants of Medusa and her human hsuband, and the three represent Medusa and her gorgon sisters, Euryale and Stheno.


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