Magic Lamp Sunday 8/12/12

We discovered this meme at Ya-Aholic, where it runs on Fridays. It sounded like a fun addition to our lineup, but fits better here on Sundays. This is based on the basic Magic Lamp = 3 wishes idea. Since there are so many of us, though, we're just taking one each per week. 

If we had a Magic Lamp, we'd wish:
Andrea: I wish that my imagination worked as well as Tom Pollock's- his creations in The City's Son are so amazing and unique.
Michele B.: I wish I could see the fey like Ethan can in The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa.
Jen: I wish I had a Grimalkin, and that he would sit on my lap and purr as I pet him. Grim is from The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa.
Paula: I wish I could do a good job of teaching my children the importance of tree conservation, like Alina learns in Breathe by Sarah Crossan.