Book Boyfriend: The Fennrys Wolf

We decided that Thursday needed a little pizazz and stumbled on this meme while hanging out at one of our favorite blogs, A Book and a Cupcake. So we took ourselves over to The Unread Reader to see what it was all about and join the fun. We'd love it if you'd leave a comment if you participate in this so we can check out your book boyfriends as well. 

My Book Boyfriend: The Fennrys Wolf from the Wondrous Strange and Starling Trilogies 

Fennrys's Appearance: 

 "Whoever this guy was, in spite of his sheer brute strength and fighting skills, there was an almost fragile quality to him.  As if he was barely holding it together.  Mason frowned, staring at the handsome blonde enigma, and wondered where in the world he'd come from." ~ Mason describing Fenn soon after their first meeting in Starling.

Facts about Fennrys:

~ We were first introduced to The Fennrys Wolf in the Wondrous Strange trilogy where he served as a Janus Guard of the Samhain Gate that served as a portal between our world and the faerie realm.

~ It is believed that he was a Viking Prince stolen as a baby in the ninth century by the orders of King Auberon.

~  He is known for his 'biserker rages and sullen temperament'.

~ Fenn has always been somewhat of a loner until he was charged to protect Kelley Winslow and became her friend, with the small hope of something more.

~ Fenn, in essence, comes back from Valhalla in the Starling trilogy with very selective memories of his previous life.

~ The Fennrys Wolf is actually part of ancient Norse mythology relating to Ragnarok.

~ In Starling, we get a glimpse of where Fenn lives with a hidden arsenal of dangerous weaponry.

~ He falls for Mason Starling!

Quotes About Fennrys:

"There was the Fennrys Wolf, legendary for his beserker-like rages and sullen temperament.  According to Maddox, the cradle Fenn had been stolen from sometime in the ninth century had been that of a Viking prince.   War craft was in his blood--or so he declared almost every time Sonny saw him."  ~ Wondrous Strange

"Kelley felt his shoulders stiffen as Fennrys hesitated for a moment before awkwardly returning her embrace.  The Wolf wasn't what anyone would mistake for easygoing or affectionate, and if it hadn't been for her exhilaration, Kelley would never have even presumed to hug him." ~ Darklight

"When Kelley refused to say anything further, Fennrys rose and held out a hand.  She took it, reluctantly, and he helped her to her feet.  They stood there for a long moment, Fenn's hand wrapped around hers, until finally Kelley shifted uncomfortably and he let her go, turning away." ~ Tempestuous

"Fenn shifted slightly so that he was looking at her and a stray breeze wafted the scent of him toward her.  She could smell the leather of his jacket and the warm scent of his skin.  She closed her eyes and remembered vividly, as if it was happening right in front of her that very moment, how he had looked when he'd fought to save her life.  The pure, savage grace of him.  The way the muscles had moved under the skin of his arms and shoulders.  The fierce, focused intensity of his glacial gaze.  Everyone else that had been there seemed content to forget that night.  Mason didn't want to.  Mostly because of the way the Fennrys Wolf had fought.  For her." ~ Starling

Why Would Fennrys Be My Book Boyfriend?

There was something about Fennrys that I loved from the moment we met him in the Wondrous Strange trilogy.  As much as he was rough and tough, you knew when he gave his heart to someone, his true gentleness hidden beneath would surface and melt your heart.  In the Wondrous Strange books, Kelley's heart already belonged to Sonny, but we get to witness Fenn's less guarded romantic side in Starling as his relationship develops with Mason.  Fenn is a great hero and will also fiercely fight for those he cares about.  How can anyone resist that?!

Who Would Be My Perfect Fennrys?

The actor playing Fennrys in the newly released book trailer for Starling was an excellent choice.  But the moment I saw Sam Claflin in Snow White & The Huntsman (he played William and was recently tapped to play Finnick O'Dair in Catching Fire), with a bit blonder hair, he became my Fennrys.


  1. Hi!!! I also LOVE the Fenrrys Wolf!!! ..and i thought of him as one of the characters in Snow White and the Huntsman too... X) but i always thought of him as close to being Chris Hemsworth... being all brawny, blond and being related to Norse mythology... (well, he is Thor) :)))

    1. YAY!! Another Fennrys Wolf admirer!! Chris Hemsworth could certainly fit the bill, I agree! I just pictured Fenn a little less bulky...more lean and muscular. But hey...I wouldn't snort at Chris! Love him, too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I looked at both of the actors and find that neither of them work to be Fennrys. Maybe there isn't someone out there who's PERFECT but I think that people can do better in finding look-alikes.

    ~Shadow Wolf

  3. Thanks for your input, Anonymous. The one thing I find is that everybody has different images of book characters in their respective minds. That's the beauty of interpretation of an author's description. We all see them differently.


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