Losing It: Interview with Cora Carmack

The Larks are so excited to be part of the Losing It Blog Tour! We'd like to welcome Cora Carmack to The Nest. Don't forget to read Jen's review of Losing It. Please keep in mind that this novel is in the New Adult genre.

Jen @ Reading Lark: Garrick reminded me of a few people... did you have anyone in mind when you were writing him, or was he more of a fantasy figure? 

Cora: I didn’t have any one particular person in mind, so he’s definitely more like a fantasy figure for me. When I started writing LOSING IT, it was with the idea to just have as much fun as possible. I didn’t even know he was British until the first time he spoke! He just sort of sprang from my mind as this mixture of all the things I’d like to see in a guy. If you find his real world doppelganger, send him my way! :)

Jen @ Reading Lark: I found that there was a seriously smoldering atmosphere when Bliss and Garrick were together... did you make a playlist or do anything in particular to help you write those scenes (and could you share any tracks if you did)?

Cora: I do write to music, but I’m not sure there was any one song that I listened to during their scenes. I do remember listening to Muse’s Time is Running Out during a certain club scene. A long time ago, I read the first Blue Bloods book by Melissa de la Cruz, which featured a dance scene with that song. Ever since then, I’ve always associated that song with dancing. I can tell you some songs that make me think of Garrick and Bliss.

A Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz
Dressed to Kill by Landon Pigg (I imagine this song playing during the scene where they first meet)
It Doesn’t Hurt by Katie Thompson (This one reminds me of several moments in the book. It’s sad, but also make me laugh when I think of something that ends up afflicting both Bliss and Garrick :D ).

Jen @ Reading Lark: Phaedra was a really interesting play to have the characters put on and it perfectly suited Bliss - how did you come across that particular story and is it one of your favorites? 

Cora: I actually studied that myth and several versions of the play when I was in college. I was looking for a forbidden romance, but didn’t want to use Romeo and Juliet because it’s so cliché. It was the first thing that came to mind, and it worked really well because it was about more than forbidden love. It was about love in taboo situations.

Jen @ Reading Lark: What was the hardest part of the story to write for you and why? (If you didn't have a hardest part, then could you talk about your favorite part to write instead?)

Cora: Hmm… It’s hard to talk about the parts that were difficult without spoilers, so I’ll stick to my favorite scene. Hands down, their first meeting in the bar was the most fun to write. The combination of attraction and nervous awkwardness came really easily to me (because, hello, I specialize in awkward).

Jen @ Reading Lark: The final question is something of a tradition for author interviews at Reading Lark... what's your favorite bird and why?

Cora: I’d have to say an owl, since I’m pretty much nocturnal. If you see me tweeting at 3 AM, that’s totally normal. Prime writing time! :)