Teaser Tuesday: Conjure, Unwholly, Dash & Lily's Book of Dares, & Word and Breath

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This beach is normally picture postcard perfect - sharp blue sky, shimmering teal water, and white talcum powder sand - a never-changing snapshot of sunny South Carolina summer. But last night's storm switched everything up, if only for a few hours, and I'm determined to capture it. There's no telling when it'll be this dark and gloomy again.

~ Conjure by Lea Nolan, pg. 2 (ARC edition)

The sad truth about humanity, Risa was quick to realize, is that people believe what they're told. Maybe not the first time, but by the hundredth time, the craziest of ideas just becomes a given.

~ Unwholly by Neal Shusterman, pg. 86

I don't mean this to sound hopeless. Because in the same way that a kid can realize what "c-a-t" means, I think we can find the truths that live behind our words. I wish I could remember the moment when I was a kid and I discovered that the letters linked into words, and that the words linked to real things. What a revelation that must have been. We don't have the words for it, since we hadn't yet learned the words. It must have been astonishing, to be given the key to the kingdom and see it turn in our hands so easily.

~ Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan, pg. 87

His face changed as he looked down on her. It softened, warmed into a palpable heat. "Riana," he murmured, taking her face in both his hands, the touch sending shivers of excitement down her spine. She leaned into him, instinctively wanting to feel even more. He responded to her silent invitation and tilted his head into a soft kiss, brushing her lips very lightly with his.

~ Word and Breath by Susannah Noel, pg. 50


  1. Great teasers guys! All of these sound like great books - enjoy!

    My TT

  2. Yep, Unwholly definitely appeals to me.

  3. Looking good...thanks.

    Haven't visited in a while. All looks great.

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