Book Boyfriend: Ethan Chase

We decided that Thursday needed a little pizazz and stumbled on this meme while hanging out at one of our favorite blogs, A Book and a Cupcake. So we took ourselves over to The Unread Reader to see what it was all about and join the fun. We'd love it if you'd leave a comment if you participate in this so we can check out your book boyfriends as well. 

My Book Boyfriend: Ethan Chase from The Lost Prince 
(Call of the Forgotten #1) by Julie Kagawa

Ethan's Appearance:

"Sighing, I spared a quick glance at myself in the mirror, making sure I looked as unapproachable as possible.  Sometimes, I catch Mom looking at me sadly, as if she wonders where her little boy went.  I used to have curly brown hair like Dad, until I took a pair of scissors and hacked it into jagged, uneven spikes.  I used to have bright blue eyes like Mom and, apparently, like my sister.  But over the years, my eyes have become darker, changing to a smoky blue-gray--from constant glaring, Dad jokes." ~ p. 10 The Lost Prince (Netgalley)

Facts About Ethan:

~  Ethan has always had the Sight--he could see the fey where most others could not.

~  At four years old, he was kidnapped by the Iron Fey and replaced with a changeling.  He was used as bait to lure his older half-sister, Meghan, to the Iron Realm.

~  Meghan and Ethan share the same mother, but Ethan's father is Luke.

~  He spent most of childhood on a pig farm but his family moved to the suburbs a few years after Meghan became the Iron Queen so Ethan wouldn't be so isolated.

~  Prior to his latest school, he was accused of burning down the library of his former school.  What really happened was he was trying to escape a redcap motley that set fire to a row of books to flush Ethan out.  The authorities saw it as Ethan fleeing the scene.

~  Ethan spends most of his time trying to repel the attention of the fey.

~  Ethan believes that by letting no one 'in'...he is doing them a keeping them out of this crazy life and keeping them safe.

~  17 year old Ethan is extremely talented in the Filipino martial art of Kali, that involves special rattan sticks and knives.

~  Mackenzie St. James is a tenacious school reporter who has taken an unrelenting interest in Ethan and refuses to go away.

Quotes from Ethan/About Ethan:

"The second I let people get close to me, the fey would make them targets.  I would not let that happen, ever again." ~ Ethan, p. 47 The Lost Prince (Netgalley)

"What was happening here?  I didn't need this.  I didn't need someone to laugh and joke and argue the finer points of Whedon films with me.  Friends did that sort of thing.  Todd was not my friend.  I was someone who should be avoided at all costs.  Even someone like Todd was at risk if I didn't keep my distance.  Not to mention the pain he could bring down on me." ~ Ethan, p. 62 The Lost Prince (Netgalley)

"Ethan, you're a sweet, infuriating, incredible guy, and I think I...might be falling for you.  But there are things in my life you just can't protect me from." ~ Kenzie to Ethan, p. 335 The Lost Prince (Netgalley)

"That this strange, stubborn, defiantly cheerful girl--this girl who fought lindwurms and bargained with faery queens and faced her own mortality every single day, who followed me into Faery and didn't leave my side, even when she was offered a way home--this brave, selfless, incredible girl wanted me to kiss her.  Damn.  I was in deep, wasn't I?  Yeah, and I don't care." ~ Ethan, p. 341 The Lost Prince (Netgalley)

Why Would Ethan Be My Book Boyfriend:

Despite Ethan's futile attempts at alienating everyone so he won't have to face pulling someone he cares about into his crazy life, you know that just by that act alone, he is capable of caring for someone so much.  He is often referred to as a 'tough guy' and he personifies that on the outside but you know hidden behind that tough shell is a really GOOD guy.  Once he does let someone in, he will do whatever it takes to protect them with a fierceness and determination that would make any girl swoon.  And being around Ethan would never be boring. 

Who Would Be My Perfect Ethan:

That's easy!  My ideal Ethan is the gorgeous model on the cover of The Lost Prince!


  1. I haven't read The Lost Prince yet, but from your discription Ethan sure does sound swoon worthy. G8t post! Enjoyed reading.

    1. Thanks so much Joanna! Ethan certainly IS!! I really loved him! Look for my next Book Boyfriend from this same book next month! (Yes...there's another 'hottie' in this new story, too!) ;)

  2. Ethan would totally be my book boyfriend as well! 'swoon' Do you know who the model is on the cover?

  3. I'm in the middle of reading it an so far caint put it down, but in some of the book so far Ethan mentions a girl or person named sam, an I caint seem to figure out who it is or what happen to them,can anyone plz tell me bc its bugging me not to know, also if he does end up saying more about who she is then tell me that instead so not to ruin the books suprises... I just was wondering about her an him an if somthing happen to her

    1. Hi Anonymous! Yes!! Ethan explains the story about 'Sam' later on in the book. :) So glad you're enjoying it! I can't wait till book 2.

  4. Thank you so much :) an I know I'm super excited to read it as well!


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