Teaser Tuesday: Lola and the Boy Next Door, Julius Caesar, Hallowed, & The Essence

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I don't believe in fashion. I believe in costume. Life is too short to be the same person every day.

~ Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins, Kindle Location 98

Antony: Thy heart is big. Get thee apart and weep. 
Passion, I see, is catching, for mine eyes,
Seeing those beads of sorrow stand in thine, 
Began to water.

~ Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Act 3, Scene 1

They stare at each other, one of those high-testosterone stares. "Amazing," Tucker says. There's a challenge in his voice. "Best summer of my life." 

I wonder if it's too late to get out of this class.

"Well, that's the thing about summers, isn't it?" says Christian after a minute. "They have to end sometime."

~ Hallowed by Cynthia Hand, pg. 12

I didn't answer. I couldn't. I concentrated instead, focusing everything I had on smothering Sabara. On quelling her treacherous voice, the one that tempted me with its malice. That whispered evil and deceit. 

She isn't me. Not yet. I am still in control, I reminded myself, again and again and again.

~ The Essence by Kimberly Derting, Kindle Location 505


  1. Sounds like Lola has the right idea!
    Oh, Shakespeare...
    I thought Halloweds' teaser was sweet in the beginning, then bam! Bringer of sadness... lol
    Not sure what was going on in the last, possession???

  2. OOh nice teases! Have only read Cynthia's book here. Couldn't really get into the Pledge, like I had hoped so I never read The Essence. Still, all very nice teases!

    Here's my Teaser

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. So many great teaser's girls!! I really want Hallowed!!

    Here's My TT!!
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  4. I love Lola! Have you read Anna and the French Kiss?

    Here's my teaser:

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone! I can vouch for the Unearthly series (Unearthly, Hallowed and Boundless) by Cynthia Hand! Seriously all kinds of awesome! Best angel-related story out there, imo!

  6. I think I'm most intrigued by the Essence one.

    Here's ours: http://ourstack.blogspot.com/2013/01/tuesday-teasers-mighty-inspiration-and.html


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