Book BFF: Trey Demarco

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Trey Demarco from Crash by Lisa McMann


Very few details were given about Trey’s appearance, but I like to think of him as being quite tall, skinny and with floppy brown hair. 

 Facts about Trey: 

He spends almost all his spare time working in her family’s Italian restaurant serving customers, or in their mobile food truck. 

Trey is gay, which is a fact that his parents know about but mostly ignore because they are Catholic and the two don’t really go together. 

Trey tries to avoid the popular kids from school as much as possible, most likely because they bully him. 

Trey pays his little sister Jules $10 a week to drive the horrifically embarrassing food truck that belongs to the family restaurant to school instead of him. 

Trey has the same taste in men as Jules, but he denies liking her crush, Sawyer. 


 “Nah. That urban underground thing he’s got going on is nice, and of course I’m fond of the, ah, Mediterranean complexion, but I've been over him for a while. He’s too young for me. You can have him.” 

“Can you move it along? My hair needs clay before it dries like this. I practically have a ‘fro.” 

 “What’s a girl in love supposed to do? In the movies, she has to defy Daddy someday. Yesterday was your day. The first of many, I suppose.” 

 “Are you going to live, or what?” 

 “So, to confirm: You’re not having an alien Antichrist baby from the seed of Angotti.” 

“They said a sixteen-year old girl driving illegally with her stunningly handsome brother – who is eighteen and available, by the way – saved the world with their giant balls. Ah-ha-ha- ha.” 

 “One of the world’s unexplained mysteries, right alongside the Loch Ness Monster and the purpose of ‘being all gangsta.’” 

 Why he’s my Book BFF: 

 I don’t usually pick guys as Book BFFs, as I am usually drooling over them, but Trey was a great character. He is a fantastic older brother to Jules, looking out for her and worrying over her. He can tell when she’s upset better than anyone else, and they hang out in their spare time. He likes guys, just like she does, so they talk about that, and frankly I found him really funny. He trusts Jules and gives her a chance when others might have thought she was going crazy, and he puts himself on the line when she needs him to. He is a great guy who I’d love to call a friend.