Teaser Tuesday: The Edge of Nowhere, Confessions of a Cereal Mother, The Eternity Cure, & The Immortal Rules

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Here, though, if there were houses at all, they were somewhere in the trees, because what Becca was looking at was a vast forest: Douglas firs, hemlocks, and cedars that would remain untouched by winter weather, along with alders, birches, maples, and cottonwoods that would lose their leaves and thus bring light to the forest floor. This landscape rose steeply from a beach along which a few houses were strung, brightly lit against the growing gloom.

~ The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George, pg. 29-30 (ARC)

Poor baby. My last child. I'm not sure how old he is, and I can't remember his name (I'm pretty much brain-dead now). I do know he's still in diapers, and can speak one word, "Mama".

~ Confessions of a Cereal Mother by Rachel McClellan, pg. 25

I saw the curve of the bone in its jaw, the outline of teeth through its wasted cheek. And just as I was wondering why Salazar would show me this, the corpse turned its head and stared at me with bright glassy eyes, opening its mouth in a silent scream, and I nearly bolted from the room.

~ The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa, Kindle Location 2409 (ARC)

Reluctantly, I stepped forward. The human moaned and tried fending me off, but I easily slapped his arms away and bent close to the hollow at the base of his throat. My fangs lengthened as I inhaled and sensed the warm blood coursing just below the surface of the skin. The scent of life was overwhelmingly strong in my nose and mouth. Before I could even think about what I was doing, I lunged forward and bit down hard.

~ The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa, pg. 108


  1. The first teaser is beautifully written.
    Being a mom of 2 teens, I can relate and laugh at the 2nd.
    I just finished The Immortal Rules and loved it, so I definitely am keen on The Eternity Cure.

    1. Awesome!! So glad you loved The Immortal Rules! I'm just starting on the arc of The Eternity Cure! I've been dying for this for a year!!! Review will be posted 3/16!

  2. OOoh nice teases! Haven't heard of the first two, but absolutely LOOOOOOVE the second two! Julie Kagawa is one of my fave authors! Love this series and her Iron Fey one and its spinoff!

    Here's my Teaser

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Oh! Me too Jessica! I think I can safely say Julie Kagawa is my #1 favourite YA author! Her Iron Fey series blew me away (most favourite series ever!), and am loving the spin-off Call of the Forgotten (The Lost Prince)! And her Blood of Eden books have completely sealed her as my favourite author!

  3. Four great teasers, but the first and second ones appealed to me most. All four sound like they're good stories.
    My Teaser is from THE LAW OF SIMILARS.

  4. The second teaser was odd and funny, I'm tempted to read the book to see what is about. I want to read the Eternity Cure but I haven't had a chance to start the series.

    1. I'm just starting The Eternity Cure and it's already sucked me in, rivie bleu!


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