Teaser Tuesday: Revel, Clockwork Princess, Let the Sky Fall, & Towering

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I was cold. But it wasn't the kind that any amount of fuzzy knitwear could change. Thick clouds blocked out the sun, and the sea whirled around the island, churned by a cool, sharp wind. We were surrounded by gray water, gray sand and gray sky all blurred together. I couldn't even see a line for the horizon.

And out there, in the swirling shadows, are monsters.

~ Revel by Maurissa Guibord, Kindle Location 1397

"Your lady's necklace?" Cecily said. "Well, I confess it does not suit you."

He stepped toward Cecily and drew the glittering chain over her dark head. The ruby fell against her throat as if it were made for her. She looked at him over it, her eyes serious. "Wear it always. It will warn you when demons are coming," Will said. "It will help keep you safe, which is how I want you, and help you be a warrior, which is what you want."

~ Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, pg. 252

I've never felt anything like what I feel when I'm around Audra, and if I needed convincing, feeling the difference with Hannah tonight proved it. Audra's the one. My head knows it. My heart knows it. Even my senses know it.

~ Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger, pg. 245

She stood then, and paced the room, perturbed. "We all like to think we'd do the right thing, the heroic thing if we had to. But usually, we don't because that's not the comfortable thing. The easy thing is to stay put in your comfortable tower, even if that tower is actually a prison."

~ Towering by Alex Flinn, Kindle Location 2239 (ARC)


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