Book BFF: Bliss Edwards

Bliss Edwards from Losing It by Cora Carmack


Bliss is on the short side, and has long curly (unruly) hair. 
She has good legs, but she is worried about the little bit of pudge around her waist line. 

 Facts about Bliss: 

Bliss is 22. 

She is a virgin, and is torn between desperately wanting not to be, and being scared of Losing It. 

She is a control freak and over thinks everything. 

She has a smart mouth! 

She is an aspiring actress, but usually doesn't get lead roles until she experiences a little emotional turmoil of her own, and then she is unstoppable. 

Her best friend, Cade, is in love with her, but she has no idea. 

She loves Shakespeare and can happily quote/recite many lines from his works. 

She blushes horribly when embarrassed. 

She often hates herself for being an idiot, and would quite happily punch herself in the face during those moments. 


 When he tried to pick me up too, I got a good look at Garrick staring down at me. His hair was all sexy and his grin so gorgeous. 
It wasn’t fair that he looked so good. 
I groaned and covered my eyes. 
“Why does the world hate me?” 
They both laughed, but it wasn’t funny. Seriously. Why did the world hate me? 

 “So, what made you decide to get a cat?” 
Oh, you know. I nearly had a one-night stand with our professor, but ran away using my imaginary cat as an excuse, and now he might want us to be together together, even though it’s the worst idea ever, but I kind of don’t care either, because my body and probably my heart are telling me it’s the best idea ever. So now I need a cat so he won’t realize I was lying about the cat because I’m a virgin and chickened out of having sex with him. 
“Just want one” was what I actually answered. 

 I narrowed my eyes at him. 
“You are not seriously going to sit there and eat a salad while I stuff my face with greasy goodness, are you?” 
He dumped dressing on top of his lettuce and grinned. “Oh, I’m going to eat the burger too. And some pizza, if you leave me any.” 
I rolled my eyes. Guys sucked. 

 Why she’s my Book BFF: 

 Bliss is a lovable lunatic, and she has the inner dialogue of... someone exactly like me when I was her age. She doesn't assume she is super hot, in fact if someone was checking her out, she is far more likely to check she hasn't spilled something down herself. When she does something stupid, she wants to crawl into a small space and die, or punch herself in the face. She goes out and gets a pet cat (who hates her) to reinforce a cover story and try to hide the fact that she’s a scared virgin, faced with a God of a man. She can’t understand why he would like her, and her inner sarcasm often gets aired as she second guesses herself. 

 I have to say that I identified so strongly with Bliss that she is pretty much one of my all time favourite book BFFs. I’d hang with her in a minute, and I know she’d enjoy sharing a pizza and chatting away the night. She’s a cool girl, who gains a lot in terms of self confidence, and I love her!


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