Book BFF: Lola Nolan

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Lola Nolan from Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
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I honestly can't think of anyone besides the cover model when I try to picture Lola in my head. I think the cover designers did a nice job picking a model that fit her look.

* "My face is round, and my cheeks are pinchable, and my ears stick out farther than I'd like. I fight it with makeup and wardrobe. My curvy body helps, too." ~ Lola and the Boy Next Door, pg. 21
* She has a cute face that looks deceptively young
* She is naturally a brunette, but often wears colorful wigs

Facts About Lola:
* She lives in San Francisco, California in a cool  mint green Victorian house in the Castro District
* She works at a movie theater with Anna
* She is into fashion and likes to design/make interesting outfits
* She dreams about attending the Winter Formal dressed as Marie Attoinette
* Her parents do not approve of her boyfriend, Max - mainly because he's in a band and is 22
* Her family has brunch every Sunday - it's a long standing tradition
* Her dog's name is Heavens to Betsy
* She is adopted 
* Lola is her nickname - her real name is Dolores 
* Lindsey Lim is her best friend, but Anna is also a close friend
* The Bell Family are her next door neighbors
* She has terrible vision and must always wear glasses or contacts
* Lindsey calls her "Ned" because she wants to be Nancy Drew and  Lola is useful and helps out in dangerous situations just like Ned (none of the other characters truly fit Lola)
* She's a vegetarian
* She helps her dad make pies for his business

I don't believe in fashion. I believe in costume. Life is too short to be the same person every day. ~ Lola and The Boy Next Door, pg. 7

I have shelves running across the top of my bedroom walls lined with turquoise mannequin heads ... The walls themselves are plastered with posters of movie costume dramas and glossy black-and-whites of classic actresses. My desk is hot pink with gold glitter, which I threw in while the paint was drying, and the surface is buried underneath open jars of sparkly makeup, bottles of half dried nail polish, plastic kiddie barrettes, and false eyelashes ... It's chaotic, but I love it. My bedroom is my sanctuary. ~ Lola and the Boy Next Door, pg. 42

"You've built up this idea of me, this ideal, but I'm not that person. I'm not perfect. I am far from perfect. I'm not worth such a beautiful story."

"Lola. You are the story."  ~ Lola and the Boy Next Door, pg. 327

"I know you aren't perfect. But it's a person's imperfections that make them perfect for someone else." ~ Lola and the Boy Next Door, pg. 327                        

I'm a good daughter, I am. I have plenty of faults, but I keep up with my homework, I do my chores, I rarely talk back, and I like them. I'm one of the few people my age who actually cares what her parents think.  ~ Lola and the Boy Next Door, pg. 274

"...maybe some people think that wearing a costume mean you're trying to hide your real identity, but I think a costume is more truthful than regular clothing could ever be. It actually says something about the person wearing it. I knew that Lola, because she expressed her desires and wishes and dreams for the entire city to see. For me to see." ~ Lola and the Boy Next Door, pg. 281

Why She's My Book BFF:

Lola is unique and quirky. I feel like I lack those qualities and being friends with her might encourage me to be more creative. I'm more of the play it safe type while Lola isn't afraid to put herself out there. I have similar traits to Lindsey so I know that Lola and I could be good friends. I also love that Lola is colorful and sparkly. She is vibrant and fun. I think the world needs more people like her; she brightens everything around her. I also love that Lola is smart and has a sense of humor. In spite of some bad choices, she is loyal and does try to do what's best for her friends and family.


  1. I liked and hated Lola at the same time. I liked that she was funny and wore cool outfits. But it annoyed me that she never just talked to Cricket and asked what the heck happened. She could have saved herself a lot of trouble lol. This is a fun post!

    1. I can totally see your point. There were moments when Lola annoyed me as well and I never got to the point where I liked her as much as Anna. I finally decided to focus on her good qualities though which helped me enjoy her more. The girl has some redeeming qualities and a heart of gold. I'm glad you enjoyed the post! :)


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