Book Boyfriend: James (Jem) Carstairs

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My Book Boyfriend: Jem Carstairs from The Infernal Devices Trilogy 
by Cassandra Clare

Jem's Appearance:

James (Jem) Carstairs is described as tall but has a very slight frame mainly due to his illness.  His once dark/black hair has turned silver, as have his irises, and his skin is pale, due to the YIN FEN he has to take in order to survive.  He has Asian characteristics as his mother was from China where his father was British.

Who Does Jem Look Like?

I have a hard time picturing him because of his unique qualities so I'm quite happy with the cover model on Clockwork Prince as my image of Jem.

Facts About Jem:

Jem is half British, half Mandarin Chinese.

Before his parents were murdered by a demon, they resided at the Shanghai Institute.

Jem has a great love for music and his instrument of choice is the violin in which he plays beautifully with a lot of heart and passion.

Also due to his illness, Jem walks with the aid of a jade-topped cane which also camouflages as a weapon - a sword.

He is very efficient in knife-throwing and helped train Will in this Shadowhunting skill when they were 12 when Jem first arrived at the Institute.

Jem and Will are more than best friends...they are Parabatais - which is a bond between two Shadowhunters that cannot be broken unless one dies, or leaves Shadowhunting altogether.

Jem is, unfortunately, addicted to Yin Fen, a chemical poison he was injected with by a demon while  torturing him and his parents.  He has since needed it in order to live but it is slowly killing him and has changed his physical appearance.

Jem is hopelessly in love with Tessa.

Quotes From/About Jem (all quotes from Goodreads):

 “Jem knotted his fingers in the material of Will's sleeve. "You are my parabatai," he said, "You said once I could ask anything of you.”  ~ Clockwork Princess


“Wo wei ni xie de,” he said, as he raised the violin to his left shoulder, tucking it under his chin. He had told her many violinists used a shoulder rest, but he did not: there was a slight mark on the side of his throat, like a permanent bruise, where the violin rested.

“You — made something for me?” Tessa asked.

“I wrote something for you,” he corrected, with a smile, and began to play.” ~ Clockwork Princess


“You don't think I can fight." Tessa said, drawing back and matching his silvery gaze with her own. "Because I'm a girl."
"I don't think you can fight because you're wearing a wedding dress", said Jem. "For what it's worth, I don't think Will could fight in that dress either." ~ Clockwork Princess


“Tessa …” He exhaled slowly. “I am a Shadowhunter. Nephilim. Like my parents before me. It is the heritage I claim, just as I claim my mother’s heritage as part of myself. It does not mean I hate my father. But I honor the gift they gave me, the blood of the Angel, the trust placed in me, the vows I have taken." ~ Clockwork Princess


 “Our hearts, they need a mirror, Tessa. We see our better selves in the eyes of those who love us. And there is a beauty that brevity alone provides.” He dropped his gaze, then raised it to hers. “I would give you everything of myself,” he said. “I would give you more in two weeks than most men would give you in a lifetime.”~ Clockwork Princess

 Why Would Jem Be My Book Boyfriend?

Are you kidding?  Jem is incredibly kind, considerate, passionate and gentle.  Despite his frailty, he is a strong and efficient Shadowhunter.  He's a gentleman in every sense of the word but when it comes to Tessa, he can easily forget his manners and get lost in the passion they share.  He'll go above and beyond what any person would do to be with the one he loves...fighting to the last possible moment.  So I repeat...are you KIDDING?!

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  2. Right!!! I loved them both too! Hard to decide!!!!

  3. I am so Team Jem. Jen... Jem... see, fate. ;)

    1. lol! will ADORE him in this book...I can't say any more so as I don't spoil it for others....


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