Stealing Harper: Guest Post, Exclusive Excerpt, & Giveaway

The Larks would like to welcome Molly McAdams to the Nest today. We are excited to spotlight her New Adult novella, Stealing Harper. Be sure to check out the giveaway details at the end of this post.

New Adult - Why I write it 
By: Molly McAdams

 I think the reason I originally got into writing for the New Adult genre was because that’s my age group, and that’s what interested me. I didn't start reading for pleasure (er, well, reading in general) until I was twenty, and didn't start writing anything until I was almost twenty-two. Even now, I’m only twenty-four, so I’m still in the age range for New Adult, and it’s what I know. 

 Also, as my readers know, I put a lot of my experiences and myself in my books. I think it’s something that helps the readers connect to the characters and stories, and makes everything about this “fantasy world”, real somehow. So, in putting my personal experiences in my stories, it’s natural for a lot of them to be in the New Adult age range. 

 I always say that New Adult is about the time in your life when you’re legally an adult, and you’re now learning exactly what it means to be an adult. In that learning process, we experience things … obviously (duh, Molly!) But it’s like when you’re a child, your mom can tell you so many times that the stove is hot, but until you touch it, you’re not going to know that touching it is a bad thing to do. Our parents can tell us countless times that such and such is something we should stay away from, or THIS is the path we should go down. But until we experience all that for ourselves, we’re not going to know for sure. And most those experiences happen when we become “adults”, as did mine … and that’s where my stories come from. 

 Like you’ll see with a lot of my characters, I went away to school when I was seventeen, (Granted, it was only 3 hours away, but still) I moved halfway across the United States with a man that stole my heart two years later, and married him three months after that. Before I met him, I had done the whole naïve/whiney/stupidgirl-that-can’t-make-up-her-freaking-mind thing. I had my heart broken and broke hearts. In the four and a half years that I've been married, we've gone through ups and downs and have seen a lot that needs to be shared with others. And really, I just have a LOT of stories to tell. 

 So why do I write New Adult? Because it’s what I know. I've been there, done that … and am still living it every day.


I kissed Bree’s forehead and made my way outside. It was dark, but it didn't take long to find her. Her face was in her hands, elbows on her knees. Was she crying? I usually hated when women cried, but I had to force myself not to rush up to her to make sure she was okay. God, get a grip. I sank into the seat next to her and waited until she peeked up at me. Not crying. Thank God.

“You hiding?”

“Is it that obvious?”

I looked at the empty backyard, “A little.” I took a deep breath in and got more comfortable, “Tell me, what's a princess like you doing at my party?”

“I'm not sure what you mean,” she ground out, “but I was invited.”

couldn't care less if she was invited or not. I just didn't want her around me. I didn't want her in my house, and I didn't want to be getting hard again thinking about her in my bed. Challenge or not, she was already getting under my damn skin too much for me to think clearly. She needed to go. I curled my lip and looked at her with the disgust she’d been serving me with all night, “You don't have to be invited to come to the party, but if you didn't notice, you don't exactly fit in here, Princess.”


  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Molly recently, and she's a lovely person. Everything she's written is now on my to-read list. :)

  2. Can't wait to read this!!! LOVE MOLLY :)

  3. Can't wait to read Stealing Harper!! Love MOLLY!!!

  4. How I miss Chase and his antics. I am imagining that he is alive it's just he didn't end up with Harper. Hihihi

  5. My heart is skipping a beat! Gaaah! Molly is the Einstein in my book world

  6. I LOVE that excerpt. I would love to read this one!

  7. If you haven't read Molly's stuff - YOU NEED TO ASAP! I love her novels.

  8. I love the excerpt but I am freaking out a little every time I read something....... Ahhhhhh.

  9. Love Molly! Can't wait to read Stealing Harper!

  10. I loved taking chances so much I have waited so long for stealing Harper! Molly McAdams is a awesome author! I love love love her books! I cannot wait to read stealing Harper after taking chances I know it's gonna be great!! Molly's book from ashes was so amazing as well. After taking chances and from ashes I know this book is gonna be great! I cannot wait!

  11. I really like new adult, I just wish there was more of it out there. Hope I get a chance to read this one.

  12. Truly looking forward to reading this. I loved the first book. Thanks!


  14. Can't wait to read this one! :D

  15. I'm currently at the end of Taking Chances and I'm loving every bit of the emotional roller coaster that Molly has taken me on. I absolutely love Chase already so I'm excited and anxious and nervous about reading Stealing Harper. Since it's from Chase's POV, it's going to take me there, huh? (sigh)... I really enjoyed the support characters, we all wish we had a BFF like Bree and awesome parents like hers. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. :D


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