Book BFF: Fia from Mind Games

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This week my Book BFF is Fia from Mind Games by Kiersten White.
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My ideal image of Fia is Ashley Leggat.

Given name: Sofia

Appearance: * wide blue eyes
* china doll lips
*long brown hair
Facts about Fia
* Fia is gifted with unnaturally spot-on intuition.
* The only member of her immediate family who is still alive is her sister, Annie. Annie is blind, but also has a special gift.
* She and her sister were recruited to live at a special "school" shortly after their parents died. 

"I work for very, very bad people. And I am going to do whatever I can to keep you safe from them. I need you to help me keep you alive, okay?" ~ Fia, page 29

The mark is carefully applying tape and gauze to keep me from bleeding too much. The mark has gentle hands that are stained with blood now, though not in the same way mine will always be. The mark is a person, and he has beautiful eyes and he helps puppies and he trusts girls he really, really shouldn't. The mark is breathing very deeply and evenly, deliberately. The mark is silently mouthing something to himself and I want to know what it is. I want to know what this boy who has to be scared out of his mind is mouthing to keep himself calm while he patches my arm. ~ Fia, page 32

"I'm going back to my room now. I'll keep playing your stupid stocks games or your sick little physical challenges because I don't have anywhere else to go. But if you think for one second I am ever hurting someone for you again, you're wrong. I won't do it. And you can't make me." ~ Fia, page 130

Why she's my Book BFF: 
Fia is a mysterious creature. It's difficult to tell, throughout the book, whether or not she deserves your trust and friendship, yet the reader roots for her anyway. She's up against horrible odds, and keeps doing the best she can. She manages to hang on to hope, one of the most powerful forces that can influence a human being. I respect her for that.


  1. Fia was an awesome character! Her quick thinking at the end of Mind Games was just fantastic.

    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert


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