Teaser Tuesday: Thornhill, The Lost Prince, Keeping Her, The Night Circus, & Keeper of the Lost Cities

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A roaring sound filled my head, louder than the distant thunder.

There were only two reasons why a stake would be there: either a body had been buried and the marker hadn't been placed yet or...

I stumbled back, struggling to keep my balance as the first drops of rain hit my face.

...or they were marking where the next body would go.

~ Thornhill (Hemlock #2) by Kathleen Peacock, pg. 140 (Galley)

Setting my jaw, I slammed the drawer shut and left the room, my thoughts swirling in a chaotic, sullen mess. I was human, and Meghan was gone. No matter what some half-breed faery said, I didn't belong to that world. I was going to stay on this side of the Veil and not worry about what was happening in Faery. No matter how much it tried to drag me in.

~ The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa, pg. 31

"How are you feeling?" 

She crossed her arms over her stomach and said, " Okay. I think it was just... A long day. And it got to me. I'm fine now." 

"And my mother?" 

"Should be a Disney villain."

~ Keeping Her (Losing It #1.5) by Cora Carmack, Kindle Location 1182 (Galley)

"I thought this was going to be temporary, even when it kept going on and on. It's not. It never was. I am the one who was temporary. I used to think that if she was gone, you would come back to me." 

"If she was gone, I would be nothing," said Marco.

~ The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, audiobook

As she recited the facts, Mr. Sweeney's face twisted into a scowl, and she could hear her classmates' thoughts grow increasingly sour. They wren't exactly fans of their resident child prodigy. They called her Curvebuster.

~ Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger, pg. 5 


  1. I loved The Lost Prince! I wanna read The Night Circus.

    1. Me too, Fredamans! I'm REreading The Lost Prince in prep for The Iron Traitor!! The Night Circus was a great read too!

  2. OOOOOOOMG!! Loved that Thornhill tease! So looking forward to reading that one!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Thornhill is really really good. My review will be up Friday. :)


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