Teaser Tuesday: More Than Good Enough, Dollface, Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop, Sentinel, & Aerenden

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Names are like tree rings. You might end up with a lot. But if you chopped me open and looked inside, you'd find only one. That's the first thing I learned after I moved onto the Miccosukee reservation with my dad.

~ More Than Good Enough by Crissa-Jean Chappell, Kindle Location 22-25 (ARC)

"Don't you think some of these flowers are a bit garish?" 

"Nah," said Basha, "Not for Dion O'Banion. And I'll tell you, Squeak ain't impressed with the arrangement from Capone. He says it's too chintzy." 

"I'm surprised Capone sent flowers in the first place." 

"Ah, that's just the gangster way. First they kill you, then they send you flowers."

~ Dollface by Renee Rosen, Kindle Location 1942 (ARC)

But he couldn't go back. He couldn't go back to where they were last year. He couldn't handle the sense that Rosie was there for him and he wasn't there for her; that he was an invalid; that he wasn't up to loving her, to playing his part, to being a proper man. He couldn't bear the disappointment on her face, the tiptoeing around him that everyone would inevitably start doing. No. He wouldn't. He wouldn't.

~ Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop by Jenny Colgan, Kindle Location 1919-1923

The cloud arced up and shattered into hundreds of mother-freaking crows. My jaw dropped open. "Holy crows. . ." "There's a couple of eagles mixed in there," Luke commented. "And a few hawks," Aiden added. I rolled my eyes. "Okay. Holy birds of prey! Is that better?" "Much," Aiden murmured.

~ Sentinel (Covenant #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout, pg. 40

She focused on his words and on what he had told her to do. She had started to hyperventilate from sobbing, but as she concentrated on her breath, on drawing it slowly into her lungs and exhaling it with the same control, she found comfort and the edges of calm. 

"That's it." He flattened his hand against the side of her face, pushng her hair away and wiping tears from her cheeks. "It's all right," he said. "You're all right." 

She nodded, though she could not be certain those words would ever be true again.

~ Aerenden by Kristen Taber, Kindle Location 4025


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  2. They were all fantastic teasers!!

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