Book Review: Foretold

Foretold (Sisters of Fate #1)
Published By: Harlequin Teen
Publication Date: April 1, 2014
Page Count: 310
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Audience: Young Adult - Fantasy, Norse Mythology

I was hesitant about this one because the cover seemed a little cheesy, but the Norse Mythology aspect won me over in the end. I love learning more about Norse lore. It's not as common in novels and I have always found it fascinating. I loved the Stork series by Wendy Delsol, Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson, and The Lost Sun by Tessa Gratton. I was interested to see how Rinda Elliott would put her own spin on the lore.

Foretold largely focuses on the story of Raven and Vanir. Raven is the oldest in a group of triplets. She and her sisters shelter spirits of the Norn, reincarnated souls of powerful Norse Goddesses. An ancient prophecy foretells that one of the girls will be killed by her nineteen birthday at the hands of one of the warriors. Raven's mother has been researching and preparing to stop this event from occurring, but when she goes missing, the girls realize she's found the warriors and is targeting each one. Each of the girls goes off to search for a warrior in order to offer him protection and assistance. The girls want to live, but not at the expense of having innocent blood on their mother's hands and their consciences.

Raven ends up in Oklahoma where she meets Vanir, a gorgeous guy who has healing powers in his hands and is followed by two overly protective wolves. Raven knows Vanir is the warrior she has been seeking. A tale full of magic, romance, and adventure begins the moment these two meet.

I loved the Norse aspects of this one and found I was introduced to things I didn't know. This novel revolves heavily around Ragnarok aka "The End of the World". Snowstorms in summer, blazing fires, and massive waves are plaguing the world and it seems this is only the beginning. Things are going to get a lot worse and soon if Raven and her sisters cannot stop it. I think its pretty awesome that the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of three talented sisters. I love when strong females get to save the day.

My biggest complaint with this one was the instalove. I understood that there were supernatural forces at work and Vanir is attractive on many levels, but it just seemed too sudden. I will say Raven and Vanir have to face some rough moments together so I could see how it would draw them closer. I just wanted more build up.

All in all, I loved this one and had a blast reading it. There were moments that made me laugh, cringe, swoon, and cheer. I'm so excited to read the next story which will tell Coral's story. I hope that even though they won't be the main focus that Raven and Vanir will also make appearances.

One Last Gripe: I felt the characters made some stupid decisions at times. If a crazy woman was hell bent on my destruction I certainly wouldn't leave the security of my home and the protection of my family to go visit a rune-stone in the middle of nowhere.

My Favorite Thing About This Book: The Norse Mythology

First Sentence: Three days after the end of the world began I had two choices - drive into a river or hit a deer.

Favorite Character: Vanir

Least Favorite Character: Loki

It is written that three Sisters of Fate have the power to change the world's destiny. 

 But only if they survive… 

 The Lockwood triplets have had the prophecy drummed into their heads since birth. Still, Raven, the eldest of the sisters, can't believe it's really happening. She's the reincarnation of a Norse goddess? One of the sisters is destined to die? When it starts snowing in summer in Florida, the sisters fear the worst has come to pass. Ragnarok, the Norse end of the world, has begun. 

 Raven finds herself the secret protector of Vanir, a boy with two wolves, a knowledge of Norse magic and a sense of destiny he can't quite explain. He's intense, sexy and equally determined to save her when it becomes clear someone is endangering them. Raven doesn't know if getting closer to him will make a difference in the coming battle, but her heart isn't giving her a choice. 

 Ahead of the sisters is the possibility of death at the hand of a warrior, death by snow, death by water or death by fire. 

 Or even from something else… 

 Sisters of Fate 

The prophecy doesn't lie: one is doomed to die.


  1. I love reading books about mythology, great review!

    1. This one was a lot of fun. I hope you'll give it a read.


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