Book Review: Set Me Free

Set Me Free (A Fugitive Novel #2)
Published By: Evatopia Press
Publication Date: May 18, 2014
Page Count: 215
Source: Purchased by Reviewer
Audience: Young Adult - Mystery

I thoroughly enjoyed Melissa Pearl’s book, I Know LucySet Me Free is the exciting sequel and I adored it just as much. 

 Set Me Free begins right where I Know Lucy left off. Zach had dug into Lucy’s past and discovered enough to prove that Lucy ran off, headed for Mexico. She was almost there before she decided she had to come back to Zach. Zach took her in, no questions asked. However, Lucy’s problems still remained. The man responsible for her parents’ deaths was still out there and coming after her. 

Immediately, Zach begins to help Lucy find the answers to her past. Zach’s uncle, Alex, and friend, Elliot, are key in helping to track down the FBI agent responsible for the death of Lucy’s parents. They know that Lucy cannot move forward until this is resolved. In doing their research, they discover Agent Tenner’s teenage son and Lucy has to run one last con to get information that will hopefully save her life. 

 Lucy and Zach’s relationship strengthens even more in this book. Although Lucy’s resolve to stay is often tested, she is able to find safety and security in Zach’s love. 

 Set Me Free brings Lucy’s story to a stunning conclusion. It ties up all the loose ends with her parents’ deaths and leaves Lucy’s relationship with Zach in a very happy place. Lucy also ends up in a better state emotionally. It’s great to see how she improves her life and her relationships in this book.

Lucy Tate has spent the last five years on the run. That is, until she met Zach, the one guy she couldn’t bear to leave even though it could cost both of them their lives. 

Hunted by a crooked FBI agent who killed her parents, Lucy has taken on one disguise after the next. But Zach knows exactly who she is and in spite of mounting evidence indicating her guilt in her parents’ death, he knows she’s innocent. 

Convinced that it’s time to put her years on the run behind her, Zach and Lucy vow to fight back, clear her name, and take down the real killer. 

With support from Zach’s loyal friends and his uncle, an investigative reporter, they set out on a dangerous mission hoping that the truth...will set them free.


  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book :D

  2. You're welcome! It was a great read!


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