Book Review: Voices of the Sea

Voices of the Sea
Published By: WiDo Publishing
Publication Date: July 22, 2014
Page Count: 245
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Source: ARC Kindly Provided by Publisher
Audience: Young Adult - Fantasy

Voices of the Sea is Bethany Masone Harar's debut novel. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and I'm happy to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Voices of the Sea is a captivating book about a Siren clan in Pacific Grove, CA. The book begins with the brutal murder of one of the clan members by a man named Ortho. The Sons of Orpheus seem to be hunting the remaining sirens on Earth and the Pacific Grove clan must protect itself.
Loralei is a 17 year old siren, who will be the next Guardian of the Pacific Grove clan. She struggles with many of the restrictions put in place to help shield the clan members from the Sons of Orpheus. Lora's desire for the ocean seems to be much stronger than anyone else's and tends to get her into a lot of trouble. Her best friend, Will, tries to help protect her from the Sons of Orpheus. Lora appreciates his help...untll Ryan moves to Pacific Grove. From there, things get even more confusing and frightening.

I loved Lora's strong personality. She certainly dealt with a lot of tragedy throughout the book and came out of it on top at the end. She was a heroine you were happy to root for!

Voices of the Sea has romance and mystery. I was skeptical of who Lora chose until I was sure he was a good guy. Ortho's identity wasn't a huge revelation to me. However, I was still surprised at the twists and turns that came before the conclusion of the book. And if you like Greek mythology, then you're in for a treat. I was hooked after the first couple of chapters.

The Sirens of Pacific Grove, California are being exterminated, and seventeen-year-old Loralei Reines is their next target. Lora may look like a normal teenager, but her voice has the power to enchant and hypnotize men. Like the other Sirens in her clan, however, she keeps her true identity a secret to protect their species.

Lora’s birthright as the next clan leader seems far off, until the Sons of Orpheus, a vicious cult determined to kill all Sirens on Earth, begin exterminating her people. When an unexpected tragedy occurs, Lora must take her place as Guardian of the Clan.

Lora is determined to gain control of her skills to help her clan, but they are developing too slowly, until she meets Ryan, a human boy. When Ryan is near, Lora's abilities strengthen. She knows she shouldn’t be with a human. Yet, she can’t resist her attraction to him, or the surge in power she feels whenever they’re together.

And the Sirens are running out of time. If Lora can't unlock the secret to defeat the Sons of Orpheus, she, along with everyone she loves, will be annihilated.


  1. So excited to see there is a new mermaid book coming soon!

  2. Actually, a siren and a mermaid are not the same thing. I realized that after reading this book. Great book, but not a mermaid book. ;)

  3. LOVE how it's a fantasy with a unique mythological creature! It's awesome you can completely root for the main character and I love how there's both romance and mystery!

    It sounds like a unique read :)

    Lovely review :)


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