Book Review: Two-Faced

Two-Faced (The Mask Series #2)
Published By: Evatopia Press
Publication Date: October 9, 2014
Page Count: 279
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Audience: Young Adult/New Adult - Fantasy

Two-Faced picks up right where True Colors ended. Caitlyn and Eric are both students at UCLA. Caitlyn is excited about starting her Freshman year in college and having a wonderful experience with Eric by her side. Unfortunately, her first semester starts off a little rocky. 

 Caitlyn is rooming with Nicole, a girl she met in high school and who made a brief appearance in True Colors. Unfortunately, it turns out the two of them don't get along very well. Nicole is a neat freak. Caitlyn isn't all that messy, but she's not nearly clean enough for Nicole's high standards. The two of them avoid each other as much as possible and merely co-exist in their dorm room when they are together. 

Eric's step-brother transfers early on in the semester to play basketball for UCLA. Eric was great friends with Connor and really looked up to him. He takes Caitlyn to their first game, but Caitlyn sees something upsetting in Connor. He's high at the game, as he runs out onto the court. And it's not just Connor, but the entire team looks high. She can't figure out what's going on, but when she tells Eric, he doesn't want to hear anything about it. He knows that Connor would never take drugs. 

 There is also Professor Hoffman, the psychology professor that everyone on campus seems to love, including Eric. But Professor H gives Caitlyn the creeps. She pulls off his mask, but doesn't see anything too upsetting. She can't quite figure out what it is about him that bothers her. 

 All these things begin to add up to big problems between Eric and Caitlyn. When Caitlyn runs into Connor the day after the basketball game, he doesn't even remember meeting her the night before. This leads Caitlyn to believe that maybe Connor doesn't even realize he's being drugged. But Eric won't hear a word about it. 

 Things go from bad to worse when Nicole seems to get involved in something with Professor H's secret study group. Caitlyn begins to see several odd things around campus and wonders if the suspicious basketball team behavior might be related to Professor Hoffman. But she can't go to Eric because he seems to be distancing himself from her. Caitlyn is back on the case, literally, as she teams up with the police in trying to figure out what is going on at UCLA. 

 Two-Faced has more mystery, action, danger, and intrigue than True Colors. I found myself even more engaged in this book. The reappearance of Liam and Mason was an interesting twist. I enjoyed having Caitlyn get involved with the police. It will be interesting to see if that continues on in the series. I like the thought of Caitlyn going into law enforcement. Maybe not as a cop, but more as a consultant, like Castle! LOL. Two-Faced was also a quick read, but it didn't feel too short. A wonderful book and highly recommended for those who like mystery and romance!

Caitlyn Davies has an unusual gift. She knows exactly what people feel. She sees their true reactions, every time. Everyone wears a mask, but she can see the truth hiding behind it. This ability has changed her life, both for the better and the worse. She can choose to ignore what she sees...but what happens when it involves the guy she loves? 

Eric Shore knew getting involved with a girl who could read people was risky, but he couldn't help himself. Caitlyn is gorgeous and he loves being with her. Things have been going great...until she tells Eric that his step-brother and star basketball player, Connor, is doing drugs. Having looked up to the guy for years, Eric just can't buy it. Things only get worse when Caitlyn starts to question the true nature of Eric's favorite teacher at UCLA. 

Their first year at college together was supposed to be amazing, but their relationship is off to a rocky start, especially when Caitlyn refuses to deny what she's seen in order to keep her boyfriend happy. As more and more masks are peeled away, Caitlyn is thrown into a dangerous world where secrets are exposed and Eric once again has to decide whether dating Caitlyn is worth the risk. It doesn't take long for the young couple to realize that even those closest to you can be two-faced. 


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've yet to read this series, but Melissa is an amazing person!

  2. LOVE how her power gets her involved in people's lives, how it's a paranormal with a contemporary twist!

    And it's awesome it's set in college!! Hope she and her boyfriend get a HEA!

    Lovely review :)

  3. I didn't want to read your review too closely because I want to read the first book. But it seems as though this sequel didn't let you down. :)

  4. Thanks for your awesome review. Sorry it took me so long to comment on it. Glad you liked the book so much. I can't wait for you to read the next book - Snake Eyes :)


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