Teaser Tuesday: Atlantia, Sinner, Book Love, & Outlander

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Those of us chosen to live Below knew we were lucky, but our hearts were also broken. We wept for those left Above. We wandered the streets of our beautiful city and we felt so cold. Though we knew it meant death, we began to want to get back to the Above.

~ Atlantia by Ally Condie, pg. 112 (ARC)

"Sand crab," Leon said. "It won't hurt you." "It sure is ugly." "Ugly never hurt a thing." I scoffed. "Oh, ugly has hurt some things. It's just that pretty hurts more."

~ Sinner (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #4) by Maggie Stiefvater, pg. 73

Every student needs to know the power of a reading life. Dickens simply won't matter to most twenty-first-century teenagers unless they have developed a love of books first--a trust that even the most difficult ones can be worthwhile. We can and must develop that trust every year in school.

~ Book Love by Penny Kittle, pg. 23

I raised the cup of milk, but my hands were still shaking too badly to drink it. 

I was gradually recovering from the physical effects of the blow, but not from the shock of it. I knew the man was not my husband, but the resemblance was so strong and my habits so ingrained, that I had been half-inclined to trust him, and had spoken to him as I would have to Frank, expecting civility, if not active sympathy. To have those feelings abruptly turned inside out by his vicious attack was what was making me ill now.

~ Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, pg. 174


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