Teaser Tuesday: Forbidden, Storm, Frankenstein, & Get Happy

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As I neared my tent, I slowed, taking in the night, which was starkly beautiful under the canopy of jeweled stars. I savored my moments of freedom, marred by the realization that it was dripping away day by day.

~ Forbidden by Kimberley Griffiths Little, Kindle Location 210 (ARC)

Then she closes the space between us. Her tongue finds mine, and her hips press into me, trapping herself between the wall and me. It's me and her, like it was before, like it should be. No magic or demons or Statics or lies. And being like that, with her, I will never let those things keep us apart. I can say I'll fight for her, but I'm going to do more. I'm going to show her.

~ Storm (Salt #2) by Danielle Ellison, Kindle Location 3442-3445 (ARC)

He then took me into his laboratory and explained to me the uses of his various machines, instructing me as to what I ought to procure and promising me the use of his own when I should have advanced far enough in the science not to derange their mechanism. He also gave me the list of books which I had requested, and I took my leave. 

Thus ended a day memorable to me; it decided my future destiny.

~ Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, pg. 34-35

I don't know if you've ever experienced a psychological trauma, but one of the strangest things about it is that your body continues to operate. When you get emotionally overwhelmed, it would be nice if your body went into a temporary coma so you could have time to process everything. Instead, you get earth-shattering news and you have to walk to class, sit in a chair, open and close a book, and take a pop quiz.

~ Get Happy by Mary Amato, Kindle Location 119


  1. OOoh nice teasers!! I still need to read Frankenstein myself! Bought it so long ago with the intent to just read it, then the review pile stacked up and got totally out of control...sigh...

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. I enjoyed all of them. I can't remember if I ever actually read Frankenstein! I should read it whether I have or not.
    Here is my TT - http://fuonlyknew.com/2014/10/07/teaser-tuesdays-84-the-death-of-death/


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