Book Review: The Mission

The Mission (MTG Agencies #2)
Published By: Escape Publishing
Publication Date: November 22, 2014
Page Count: 149
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Source: ARC Kindly Provided by Publisher
Genre: YA/NA - Action/Crime/Mystery/Romance

In The Recruit, we met Jaz, feisty, kickboxing teenager, and Ryan, secret agent on a mission to bring down organized crime in Australia. In The Mission, Jaz has joined the MTG Agency and is awaiting her first mission. 

 Keeping secrets from her family and friends isn’t initially easy, but Jaz soon finds it all too easy to lie as she’s sent on her first mission. She has to befriend the son of two art dealers suspected of importing drugs into Australia. Her job is to look for clues and pass on relevant information, but just how far is she expected to go? 

Ryan is still trying to keep his distance, but the undeniable tension between the two of them soon sends sparks flying. When he asks for Jaz’s help on a mission only she can do, she will see what she’s really signed up for. 

 What I liked: 

 The tension between Jaz and Ryan is palpable and there are some steamy moments. 

 Jaz is not a damsel in distress type, she’s perfectly capable of getting herself out of trouble most of the time. I like a heroine who doesn’t wait around for rescue. 

 The ongoing story arc has potential, with further clues as to the identity of Jaz’s father revealed in this installment. 

 What I didn’t like: 

A 17 year old girl is sent on a mission with next to no training and no direct supervision. That really is pushing the boundaries of believability a bit too far. 

 There is no resolution to the main storyline. The mystery should be resolved at the end of the book with the larger, ongoing arc left hanging for the next one.

Recruited into the secretive, shrouded MTG Agency, Jaz dives headfirst into her training, regretting nothing about her decision to help save the world at the age of 17. Now she’s ready and anxious for her first mission — to prove she has what it takes... and to start making a difference.

The only thing that stands in her way is Ryan, the dangerous and sexy agent who first recruited her, and is now guiding her. He doesn’t want Jaz to sink too deeply too quickly into his world of secrets and lies, but his inability to trust her to know her own mind only makes Jaz furious.

When a job comes along that only Jaz can do, Ryan has to let go, and Jaz soon learns that she can swim with sharks, but she’ll come away with scars.