Teaser Tuesday: What the Lady Wants, Out of the Easy, Superposition, & Spark

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She thought about backing out, but it was the one committee she truly enjoyed. Books had always been her companions, her escape. The pages she turned had taken her places and taught her to dream. The books they collected went to orphanages and needy families that couldn't afford to buy them.

~ What the Lady Wants by Renee Rosen, pg. 187

"You named me after a madam?" 

"Not just any madam, the most high-class madam that ever existed. She was a smart woman. With your brains, Jo, you'd make a fine madam yourself." "I have no interest, Mother." Humiliation bubbled inside of me. I thought about explaining to Charlotte Gates that I wasn't named after a virtuous character in Little Women. I was named after a woman who sold five-dollar hookers on Basin Street. And my mother thought I should be proud of that.

~ Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys, pg. 62

Elena stared into the gun’s barrel, motionless, hardly breathing. “Don’t do this,” she whispered. 

 “It won’t hurt you,” Brian said. “The bullet will just diffract around you.” 

 “You’re talking crazy,” I said. “Look at me.” He didn’t move. “Look at me!” I shouted. He looked. “It’s a bullet, not an electron,” I said. “If you pull the trigger, it will kill her. You don’t want that.” 

 He stood. “You won’t believe me unless I show you.”

~ Superposition by David Walton, pg. 36 (ARC)

Then I kept time like a stingy accountant. Now I let it pour through my fingers, let it escape from my life like heat from a house with the door left carelessly open. Maybe that's what makes the urgency in my dream so alarming. It's nothing like my real life.

~ Spark by Rachael Craw, pg. 10-11


  1. I can totally relate to the first one!
    LOL at the second. The nerve. HA!
    I wouldn't believe him either... bullets kill.
    Interesting last one....
    I like Superposition the best though.


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