Magic Lamp Sunday 1/11/15

We discovered this feature at Ya-Aholic, where it ran on Fridays. It sounded like a fun addition to our lineup, but fits better here on Sundays. It's based on the basic Magic Lamp = 3 wishes idea. Since there are so many of us, though, we're just taking one wish each per week. 

If we had a Magic Lamp, we'd wish:  

Paula: I wish I could visit the root beer stand. Inspired by My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga.

Aimee: I wish there was no such thing as slavery. Inspired by 12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup. 

Julie: I wish I knew more about botany and everyday uses fro plants. Inspired by When My Heart Was Wicked by Tricia Stirling. 

Nicole: I wish I could see all the highlights of my State. Inspired by All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.  

Pyper: I wish I had a job where I got to meet hot male models. Inspired by Me Tarzan-- You Jane by Camelia Miron Skiba.   

Andrea: I wish that I owned a bed and breakfast in Washington State. Inspired by Rose Harbor in Bloom by Debbie Macomber.